Ricky Hatton makes an Awesome Announcement!
By Johnny Benz, Doghouse Boxing (March 2, 2011) Doghouse Boxing
Here is some great news to report on the Ricky Hatton front. Hatton and his absolutely beautiful fiancee, Jennifer Dooley are expecting a child.

The little Hatton is due sometime in the summer and Ricky is excited. Speaking to the SUN UK, Hatton spoke of the great news.

Hatton told the publication that he was looking forward to being a Dad again and was excited for Jennifer. "I'm excited that Jenny's going to become a mother," stated Hatton to the UK Based Publication, adding: "I think she'll make a great mum."

As a writer who has followed Hatton's impressive boxing career, its great to hear about such excellent news. No one has stood beside Hatton the way Jennifer has (she really is a strong woman), and Hatton himself made note of this to the Sun, stating Jennifer has seen him through "some difficult times."

Congratulations to the Mum to be and of course to the Hitman!

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