Oscar De La Hoya speaks out on Latest Boxing Rumor
By Johnny Benz, Doghouse Boxing (May 10, 2011) Doghouse Boxing
Oscar De La Hoya speaks on Rumors
In a recent interview conducted by veteran boxing scribe, John Whisler of MY San Antonio, Oscar De La Hoya spoke out on many topics. One hot topic that De La Hoya spoke out on was rumors of his comeback to the professional boxing ring.

Rumors swirl in boxing on a daily basis, but is there any truth to De La Hoya making a comeback? Whisler asked De La Hoya: "The rumor is you're considering a comeback. Is that true?"

De La Hoya answered the question, stating: "I did seriously consider it, actually, three or four weeks ago. I really did. I seriously considered coming back. But I had back problems. Actually, the day after I was thinking about it, my back flared up. I was stretching and my back just went out. It was a sign. I'm convinced it was a ‘Stay put, and don't even think about it.'"

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