Mike Tyson Breaking In and Manny Pacquiao Knocking Out!
By Johnny Benz, Doghouse Boxing (May 19, 2011) Doghouse Boxing
"Iron" Mike Tyson - Close Up
Those of us who have been watching "Breaking In" on Fox TV have been getting some serious laughter and great entertainment from the half hour sitcom. The season finale (and maybe the series finale) that aired yesterday featured Mike Tyson. The episode was called “21.0 Jump Street”.

I absolutely loved the episode and Tyson blended in nicely. Our boy can actually act and the times he was on the program, Tyson genuinely had me laughing out loud.

"Breaking In" is absolutely one of my favorite new shows and I hope Fox is not stupid enough to cancel it. This show has actually got me loving Christian Slater again. The character "Dutch" played by Michael Rosenbaum (Lex Luthor from Smallville) is my favorite. Anytime Rosenbaum is in a scene... he blows me away. (Trevor Moore from the "The Whitest Kids U' Know" is also on the show.)

Some of the shows highlights: Dutch was a complete nutt-hugger of a fan-boy when he comes across Tyson. Tyson holds off from hitting Dutch because Tyson feels Dutch needed every brain cell he had.

The series has been great fun and I hope to see it around for a second season. If any show deserves to be carried another year... this one is it.

Another show I love "Tosh.O" delivered the goods in its season premiere this week. Daniel Tosh got his lights knocked out by Manny Pacquiao. You can watch the clip on this page. Tosh is one crazy mo-fo, and getting in the ring with Pacquiao only proves it.

I truly love "Tosh.O" and "Breaking In" and am not making this stuff up just for the sake of this article. Both shows are must watch TV for me. Tosh is just super sick and funny with his blow your mind sense of humor, while "Breaking In" is a surprise hit (to me) in which I have yet to see a boring episode or one not chalked full of seriously funny humor. So for me, to have Tyson and Pacquiao featured on two of my all time favorite TV comedy shows... yeah, you can bet I was entertained!

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