Shane Mosley Blanked out for 3 Rounds against Manny Pacquiao!
By Johnny Benz, Doghouse Boxing (May 21, 2011) Doghouse Boxing (Photo © German Villasenor)
Mosley eats Pacman punch
You've heard the saying "knock you into next week". In the case of Shane Mosley, he wasn't knocked into next week, but he was knocked into 3 rounds ahead when he faced Manny Pacquiao.

Recently on the George Lopez Show, Mosley discussed Pacquiao's punching power and how he lost track of three rounds. Mosley on the show stated: "When he hit me the first time I said 'Wow, this little guy hits pretty hard'."

Mosley went on to add: "I went down in the third round and it seemed like a little shot and when I went down I was thinking 'Wow, he didn't really hit me hard'. But later on when the bell rang I went back to my corner, got some water, and I looked up and I asked what round it was. It was the sixth round. I lost track of three rounds."

Folks, Mosley blanked out for 3 rounds! Wow, that is kind of crazy to hear, and really highlights to me the kind of power Pacquiao has. It looked like Mosley really wasn't in the fight at all... and his explaining of Pacquiao's power puts things in more of a perspective to me. Mosley did look like he was struggling with Pacquiao's power through out the whole fight..

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