Yahoo goes Bonkers over Mike Tyson's Facial Tattoo
By Johnny Benz, Doghouse Boxing (May 24, 2011) Doghouse Boxing
Mike Tyson number one on Yahoo Top Trends
Mike Tyson is making headlines again. Ok, actually it's his facial Tattoo that is making waves. So much in fact that yesterday and today on Yahoo's Top 10 Trending List, Tyson's Tattoo has been a very hot keyword search.

Tyson's facial Tattoo has reached as high as the number one Trend on Yahoo's list. The issue making Tyson's facial tattoo is a lawsuit in which the artist of the tattoo is claiming a violation of a copyright of his tattoo being used in the upcoming movie "Hangover 2".

Wow folks, I have seen it all... now with Mike Tyson's facial Tattoo reaching the number 1 trend on Yahoo. That means a tremendous amount of people were using Yahoo's popular search engine to learn more on Tyson's Tattoo. (Check out the full Yahoo trend list in image on this page). Yahoo uses its research from traffic using their search engine to gauge what are the top trends. By using their own collected data, ther is no way to cheat Yahoo's system.

Here is an actual link to the story in regards to the lawsuit involving Mike Tyson's Facial Tattoo and how serious Warner Bros is taking this issue: Mike Tyson Tattoo court case could delay release of Hangover sequel

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