Manny Pacquiao the reason Ricky Hatton started with Cocaine? Hatton speaks Out
By Johnny Benz (Sept 21, 2010) Doghouse Boxing  
Ricky Hatton recently made news for abusing drugs and alcohol. Since allegations of cocaine abuse surfaced, Hatton has publicly apologized to fans and stated he will seek help. That is not all he has said.

Yesterday, Hatton appeared on ITV's new breakfast show Daybreak for an exclusive interview. During the interview, Hatton who apologized to his fans, promised he never took cocaine while he was a professional boxer. It was obvious during the interview that after suffering what Hatton considers an embarrassing loss to Manny Pacquiao,
his life spiral downwards.

When asked by John Stapleton if he could remember the first time he snorted cocaine, and under what the circumstances were? Hatton stated he could not recall, but did recollect that it happened sometime after his second round knockout loss to Manny Pacquiao.

Hatton told the program: "I can’t remember when, where, who from - I can’t remember. But I do remember it will have been after the Pacquiao fight at some point."

When pressed if he ever took cocaine during his boxing career, Hatton stated: "No. Never, never."

One could not be faulted for wondering if Manny Pacquiao is the reason Hatton started with Cocaine? After losing to Pacquiao, Hatton admits he fell into a depression and even began having a rocky relationship with his parents. It was many factors that pushed him into messing around with what he considers was "dabbling in other silly things".

One thing is for certain, Hatton is a fighter... and if anyone can beat a tough opponents like depression and drug and alcohol abuse, its the Hitman. Get well soon Champ!

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