Move over Manny Pacquiao... The Philippines have a new Hero!
By Johnny Benz (March 6, 2010) Doghouse Boxing  
Move over Manny Pacquiao, the Philippines have a new hero! Ever since most of us have been introduced to Manny Pacquiao, Boxing's Pound for Pound King, we have also been introduced to the wonderful people that make up the Philippines. Like Pacquiao, Filipinos are stand up people, have tons of heart, pride and are also very humble, friendly and loving. They are a nation of great people and if anyone wants to question the heart of a Filipino, outside of Pacquiao's heart inside the ring... then let me tell you the story of a 6 year old Filipino girl who risked her own life to save her 4 month old brother from a fierce fire.

According to reports from major media outlets in the Philippines as well as the AFP (Agence France Presse), Virginia Rojo, a 6 year old girl living in a shack on the island of Negros awoke on the 28th of February to find her home in a blaze. She risked her own young life as she refused to leave the fire until she had Joren, her 4 month old brother in her arms. While rescuing her brother and shielding him from the fire, Virginia suffered serious burns as the flames touched her face and hands. The brother was unharmed, but Virginia suffered serious burns to her hands and face.

Virginia could have easily slipped out the moment she awoke and saved herself, but the 6 year old had the heart and mind to help her brother who certainly could not help himself. In doing so, she not only saved his life, but she used her own body to shield him from the flames in a manner that left her injured but not her brother.

It's a miracle that Virginia and her brother made it out alive. The hot air from the fire could have seared the children's lungs shut and the smoke could have easily over taken them along with the flames. If making out of the fire wasn't a miracle enough, what The Philippine Daily Inquirer quoted Virginia as saying certainly counts as a miracle. Virginia told the publication that she only awoke to the fire when: "Jesus told me to wake up and save my baby brother."

Virginia was also quoted by, stating: "Papa Jesus told me to wake up and save my baby brother. A curtain on fire fell on my head and I saw the fire eating up our house. I rushed to get my brother. I hugged him so he would not feel the scorching heat."

Police believe a discarded cigarette touched the outside of the wooden shanty and started the vicious fire.

Virginia certainly is a hero. At 6 years of age, she is proof that Filipinos are born with the same kind of heart (that never say die, never quit) that we see in Manny Pacquiao.

Virginia and her family need help with medical bills and rebuilding their lives. They are hoping that people will help with donations.

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