Oscar De La Hoya was Robbed at Gun point and had his Wallet stolen!
By Johnny Benz (March 11, 2010) Doghouse Boxing  
Last night while I was watching TV, CNN's special report called "Homicide in Hollenbeck" by Anderson Cooper, Oscar De La Hoya was interviewed live.  De La Hoya was part of CNN's report on the impact of gang violence on the Los Angeles community of Hollenbeck. De La Hoya was born in Hollenbeck and is also one of the neighborhood's greatest success stories.

While being interviewed by Anderson Cooper, De La Hoya told CNN viewers that once when he was 14 and living in Hollenbeck, one night he was on his way to a friends house. It was pitch dark when out of nowhere 7 gang members approached him. De La Hoya told Cooper that they put guns to his head and stole his jacket and wallet.

De La Hoya went on to add that about an hour later, the wallet and other stolen items had been returned to his home. De La Hoya stated that once the gang members realized who they had stolen from, they returned the stolen items. De La Hoya says they returned it because they realized they had stolen from someone who was already making a name for himself from their community, and they knew De La Hoya was trying to make it to the Olympics. De La Hoya says that people from his neighborhood wanted other people from the same streets to make it, and that is why his items were returned... it was out of respect.

De La Hoya also spoke out on charter school he has helped fund. While other schools in the region have a high drop out rate, this is not the case with De La Hoya's High school, and many of his students are graduating with flying colors. De La Hoya is trying to give the students what his parent gave him... a choice. The streets gave him the choice to take the wrong path in life, while his parents gave him the choice to take the right path, avoid the dangers, drugs and crimes and make the best out of himself.

De La Hoya has always been one of my all time favorite fighters. Inside and outside of the ring, he has lived his life in away that is a great inspiration to all.

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