Boxing Final Punch Stats for Manny Pacquiao vs Joshua Clottey - Record Broken
By Johnny Benz (March 15, 2010) Doghouse Boxing  
On Saturday night at the Dallas Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas, Manny Pacquiao thoroughly dominated Joshua Clottey over 12 rounds to score a unanimous decision. Pacquiao stayed busy through the 12 rounds, so busy that he threw a career record high of 1231 punches.

According to statistics gathered by Compubox, here is a breakdown of the punches thrown in the fight. Pacquiao threw a total of 1231, while Clottey only managed to throw 399. Pacquiao landed a total of 20% of
his shots, and Clottey landed in 27%.

More statistics, this time for Jabs thrown and landed. The stats for Pacquiao was 549 Jabs thrown and he landed a mere 14 for a percentage of 3%. Clottey's Jab stats was 162 thrown, he landed 26 of them for a percentage of 16%.

And the last statistics, this time for Power Punches. Pacquiao threw an astounding 682 power punches and landed 232 to give him a 34% connect rate. Clottey threw 237 power punches and landed 82 to give him a connect rate of 35%.

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