Manny Pacquiao to end his Boxing Career? Pacquiao speaks out on his next Move
By Johnny Benz (March 15, 2010) Doghouse Boxing (Photo © German Villasenor)  
After dominating Joshua Clottey over 12 rounds at the Dallas Cowboys Stadium on Saturday, Manny Pacquiao's next move will not be for boxing. Pacquiao is now shifting his focus into Politics.

Pacquiao is planning to run for Congress in the Philippines and the campaigning will start on March 26th. If Pacquiao wins, one can only imagine that he may not have much time at all for boxing.

Quoted in the media, Pacquiao stated in regards to his next move, "I will go back to the Philippines and start campaigning. It is going to be busy. I want to pass some bills that will be good for the livelihood of the people there and education for the children."

If Pacquiao wins a seat in congress, I wonder if this will be the end of his boxing career? I can't see how he can stay focused on Politics and Boxing and winning the election could prove to be too much to stay in the sport.

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