Ex Boxing Champ disappointed with Joe Calzaghe using Cocaine
By Johnny Benz (March 29, 2010) Doghouse Boxing  
Joe Calzaghe has made an apology after admitting to using cocaine. Calzaghe is a legend because of his excellent career in boxing, and it came as a shock and disappointment to many that in retirement, Calzaghe was dabbling with cocaine. One such person who is disappointed is the former commonwealth boxing champ, Nicky Piper.

In an interview with BBC Radio Wales, Piper discussed the latest around the Calzaghe / Cocaine news that was being reported
by many media outlets. Piper told BBC Radio Wales that of course he is disappointed in hearing the news that Cazaghe in retirement was messing around wth drugs.

During his interview with the BBC Radio Wales, in regards to Calzaghe using cocaine, Piper stated: "Any sportsman, not just a famous Welshman, who takes drugs is not good."

Piper did add that he feels Calzaghe will clean up his life. "I'm sure it's one silly occasion where he has been caught", stated Piper, adding: "I'm sure as Joe says 'never again'."

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