David Tua's Pimped Out Super Car! A Must See!
By Johnny Benz (March 29, 2010) Doghouse Boxing  
Check out Heavyweight Boxer David Tua's pimped out ride! Its a 1973 Mini Copper and Tua looks like a canned Tuna inside it. But seriously, it is a cool retro ride! I love cars, and this mini copper is a stunner.

Check out the youtube video we have provided on this page on David Tua and his pimped out ride, his 1973 mini cooper. Tua has a great sense of humor and you might actually get a chuckle out of this video... especially when you see Tua getting out of the extremely small classic car.

Video Description: Boxer shows off his car before taking on Friday Ahunanya at a pre-fight press conference.

This free video has a run time of 2 minutes and 33 seconds. Just press play and enjoy! Visit the homepage for more news links from today's headlines on Tua vs. Ahunanya.

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