Manny Pacquiao dropping Lawsuit against Floyd Mayweather Jr? Team Pacquiao Speaks Out
By Johnny Benz (March 30, 2010) Doghouse Boxing  
There has been reports in the media that Manny Pacquiao might let off on his lawsuit against Floyd Mayweather Jr., if Mayweather Jr. drops demands for strict drug testing as a stipulation for the two facing off. Pacquiao is suing "Money" Mayweather Jr. over allegations (from mayweather's camp) that he uses some kind performance enhancing drug.

If you ask me, it would look bad on Pacquiao if this was true (willing to let up on the lawsuit for a trade-off). However
reports that Pacquiao is willing to give up his lawsuit in order to get Mayweather to drop the strict testing for drugs, is not the case and according to Pacquiao's trusted advisor, Michael Koncz, those reports are absurd.

In a recent report by Ronnie Nathanielsz of the Manila Standard, Koncz tells the publication that they will push forward with the lawsuit because Pacquiao’s reputation has taken a hit by the Mayweathers and Golden Boy Promotions.

“They have, by their unfounded allegations, caused damage to Manny and they must answer for that,” said Koncz, adding: "A trade-off is out of the question."

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