Johnny Tapia Back in Jail - Report with Video
By Johnny Benz (April 3, 2010) Doghouse Boxing  
Johnny Tapia is once again behind bars. According to reports in the media, Johnny Tapia has been jailed over a drug test he failed. Tapia sits behind bars in New Mexico after a piss test turned up positive for cocaine.

A spokesperson representing the Metropolitan Detention Center
confirmed to the media that Tapia had failed a urine test for drugs that showed he had used cocaine. Testing positive for cocaine is violation against Tapia's terms for probation.

On this page you will find a video report on Tapia's latest problems with the law. The video has a run time of 2 minutes and 4 seconds. Just press play on the video.

The video provided on this page comes courtesy of NBC TV's KOB News 4. Video may expire in near future.

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