Yahoo goes Boxing Bonkers over Bernard Hopkins win over Roy Jones Jr
By Johnny Benz (April 5, 2010) Doghouse Boxing  
Shortly after Bernard Hopkins' unanimous decision victory over Roy Jones Jr. on Saturday night, the web went into overdrive in web searches on the fight. The fight was one hot topic and one look at Yahoo's homepage shortly after the fight was over only proves it.

Shortly after the fight was over, the featured story on Yahoo's homepage was the Hopkins vs. Jones match-up. So how does a story get great real-estate on Yahoo? In order to become the feature story on Yahoo's homepage, it has to be a super hot topic. Yahoo utilizes it's popular search engine to gauge what's hot and what stories deserve to be a feature. It's a hot piece of real-estate! (See Yahoo photo of the feature on this page.)

Hopkins vs Jones Jr. proved to be a hot night for Boxing on the Internet. Its not everyday you see Boxing as the feature on Yahoo. So when it happens... you take notice.

It was another hot night for Boxing... and certainly worth a big Yahoo!

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