Manny Pacquiao finally Speaks out on Adam Carolla's Insults - Boxing Video taken Down!
By Johnny Benz (April 6, 2010) Doghouse Boxing (Photos © Chris Farina / Top Rank)  
Recently Manny Pacquiao alongside his countrymen of the Philippines, was ripped with insults from American Comic, Adam Carolla. Carolla in a recent podcast went into a tirade over Pacquiao, calling the superstar boxer a "F@#king Idiot" as well as saying he was "Brain Damaged."

To Carolla's credit, he has since come out an apologized not only to Pacquiao, but also to all Filipinos. Carolla used his twitter account to tweet his apology over the remarks he made on his Podcast. A Link to Carolla's apology
can be found below.

A video of the Podcast in which Carolla disses Boxing's Pacquiao and his Country has been taken down from YouTube. YouTube's explanation for pulling the video down: This video is no longer Available due to a copyright claim by ACE Broadcasting - Adam Carolla Podcast.

So has Pacquiao accepted Carolla's apology? You bet. Quoted by ABS-CBN in regards to Carolla's apology issued through Twitter, Pacquiao stated: "I have accepted his sorry."

Pacquiao went further and asked Media and fans not to blow the whole incident out of proportion. Apparently Pacquiao wants to move forward, and wants Fans and media to do the same.

Once again Pacquiao has proven to be a very smart man. Accepting the apology and asking everyone to move on. Those are the actions of a wise man.

To read Carolla's apology, CLICK HERE.

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