Floyd Mayweather taking Shane Mosley Lightly? "Money" Mayweather Speaks out
By Johnny Benz (April 11, 2010) Doghouse Boxing  
Floyd Mayweather Jr. is one very popular fighter in Boxing, but that goes without saying. Part of Mayweather's popularity is his unblemished record which at 40-0 is impressive to say the least.

With such an impressive record, you might think that its becoming too easy for "Money" Mayweather and he might be looking past his dangerous opponent for May 1st, "Sugar" Shane Mosley. So is "Money" Mayweather taking "Sugar" Shane Lightly? Not likely.

In a recent release sent to us here at Doghouse Boxing, fans who might be worried that "Money" Mayweather is looking past "Sugar" Shane, towards Manny Pacquiao, this is not the case. "Money" Mayweather is well aware of how skillful and what kinds of dangers a fighter like "Sugar" Shane possess.

"I have kept my mind focused on training for this fight with very few distractions," stated "Money" Mayweather in regards to his upcoming battle against "Sugar". Mayweather added: "Everyone knows I am pretty much an open book with plenty of access to my gym when I am training for a fight. But for this one it's different. I recognize what Mosley brings to the ring and he’s going to be one hell of an opponent."

Folks, you do not need me to tell you this, but Mayweather vs. Mosley is on event you can not miss!

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