Boxing Rematch? Team Floyd "Money" Mayweather speaks out on Clause with Shane Mosley
By Johnny Benz (April 14, 2010) Doghouse Boxing  
Rematch clauses are pretty much a given at the top of the sport. Floyd Mayweather Jr's team would be fools if they did not put into any contract a rematch clause should "Money" Mayweather Jr. lose. Rematch clauses are nothing new and any management team worth a spit, would make sure there was a rematch clause.

Leonard Ellerbe the trusted and well respected advisor to Floyd "Money" Mayweather Jr., certainly is no fool, and has ensured a rematch clause for "Money" Mayweather for his upcoming battle against Shane Mosley set for May 1st.

Quoted in the Grand Rapids Press, Ellerbe in reaction to debate over the rematch clause (some are saying it's in the contract because "Money" Mayweather fears losing to Mosley), stated: "Operating at this level, if you don't have the procedures in place to protect your fighter, you shouldn't be operating at this level, because there are variety of issues that arise during the course of a fight that can cause you not to be declared the winner, such as an injury, a cut, a no contest or a disqualification."

Its pretty obvious why they would want a rematch clause, and it would be absolute foolishness if they didn't demand a rematch clause.

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