New Video Never Seen - Might piss off Manny Pacquiao Boxing Fans without a Sense of Humor!
By Johnny Benz (April 16, 2010) Doghouse Boxing  
Manny Pacquiao does a lot of things very well, but in my honest opinion, singing isn't one of them. I am not slagging Pacquiao for being an awful singer... after all it takes a lot of balls to sing in front of a TV audience. I just wish Pacquiao wouldn't be out there singing on TV or in front of large crowds. Anyone who enjoys hearing Pacquiao sing, is a far bigger fan than I could ever be.

Check out this super funny video from If you don't have a sense of humor, or can't take any criticism towards your Precious Pacquiao... then do not watch the video. If you
have a sense of humor, then by all means, just press play on the video and make sure you have your volume up. I can only imagine that Pacquiao himself will find this video funny.

The music video has a run time of 3 minutes and 41 seconds. Video description: The Filipino boxing great fantasizes about life outside the ring in his brand new, never-before-seen music video for his hit song, 'Sometimes When I Punch'.

Turn it up....listen to the lyrics and enjoy as Pacquiao belts out his best performance ever. Enjoy the video. I did!

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