Floyd "Money" Mayweather calls him "Sh!tty" Shane Mosley and F-ing more on TV
By Johnny Benz (April 18, 2010) Doghouse Boxing  
Ahead of their May 1st clash, things are heating up between Floyd "Money" Mayweather Jr. and "Sugar" Shane Mosley. On the most recent episode of HBO's "24/7", "Money" Mayweather ripped into "Sugar" Shane.

"Money" Mayweather dropped the F-bomb a lot when speaking about "Sugar" Mosley. Not only that, but "Money" Mayweather also made fun of Mosley's nose.

The HBO TV program which was the 2nd episode out of a scheduled 4, aired on Saturday.

During the episode, "Money" Mayweather stated he was clean cut and classy and then went into F-bombing "Sugar" Mosley.

On the program, "Money" Mayweather told the television audience: "I'm a machine because I can generate the most, not sh*tty Shane with the nose job... me, classy, clean cut, straight shooter. I approach everything in life like this... if you say f@ck me, I'm going to say f@ck you." Mayweather went on to add: "Don't disrespect me if you don't want to be disrespected, period."

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