Photos of Boxing Star Edwin Valero Arrested - Admits to Killing Wife!
By Johnny Benz (April 18, 2010) Doghouse Boxing  
It looks like Edwin Valero's problems with drugs and alcohol have caught up to him in the worse way. By now, you more than likely read that Valero has been arrested on suspicion of killing his wife.

On this page you will find 3 pictures of Valero being arrested.
These photos are circulating on Blogs, message boards and Venezuelan media.

Here are the "reported" facts in the media. According to Police and reports, Valero has actually admitted to killing his young wife, Jennifer Carolina Viera de Valero. Some reports are claiming she was 20 years of age, while some Venezuelan media outlets are reporting she was 24. Jennifer was found stabbed to death on Sunday Morning. Most reports say she was found with 3 stab wounds.

The attorney-general's office has released a statement that states Valero, 28, has confessed to the murder of his wife. The murder occurred in the city of Valencia at the InterContinental hotel sometime over night, Saturday/ Sunday.

In the statement that has been released to TV, print and Web media outlets, Valero is to be charged with the murder of his wife. The statement from the attorney-general's office said: "Valero went down to a hotel reception and confessed to the employees that he had carried out the murder."

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Family and Friends of Jennifer Carolina Viera.

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