Boxing Ratings Number - Floyd Mayweather vs Shane Mosley scores Huge TV Viewership
By Johnny Benz (May 4, 2010) Doghouse Boxing  
Is Boxing dead as so many fools would have you believe? Here is some interesting and incredible news regarding viewership ratings. According to numbers released by TSN (The Sports Network), a TV Network in Canada, in regards to the pre-show they aired before Floyd "Money" Mayweather took on "Sugar" Shane Mosley, boxing is far from dead.

The pre-fight special was on during NHL Hockey playoffs, which is obviously something all Canadians are into... so you can
imagine the surprise when the "Money" Mayweather vs "Sugar" Shane pre-show special drove in 433,000 viewers for TSN.

Folks, that is really impressive TV ratings number, and TSN is pumping it as such. That number is excellent to begin with, but even more impressive when you consider it went up against NHL Play-Off Hockey... which is Canada's favorite past time and always a much watch on TV for every Canuck.

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