Mom Pissed at Floyd Mayweather! Has A Warning in Video: "You're gunna be prosecuted!"
By Johnny Benz (May 5, 2010) Doghouse Boxing  
A Las Vegas Mom is pissed off at Floyd "Money" Mayweather Jr. Beatrice Turner is the Mom and her son, Quincey Williams, was reportedly shot at by an associate of "Money" Mayweather's and he is still free on bail.

Turner says her son was shot at after this all started after her son sent a text message to Mayweather. In the text message, her son had wished Mayweather bad luck for an upcoming bout.

Turner calls the entire ordeal "corruption" and she is refusing to let the shooting event slip under the radar.

In regards to Mayweather, Turner had a warning (see TV video on this page), telling KTNV TV News in Las Vegas: "He think he's untouchable. You walk around with six bodyguards, looking like the hulk. I don't give a damn who you walk around with! You're gunna be prosecuted."

For much more, check out the video report on this page provided by KTNV TV Action News. If you do not see the video on this page, please click this link for Video.

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