Mike Tyson on TV is Pissing off Robin Givens - Report
By Johnny Benz (May 6, 2010) Doghouse Boxing  
Mike Tyson will be appearing on Friday's telecast of ABC's popular TV program "The View". That's great news for all of us fans, but one person reportedly is not happy with Tyson's upcoming TV appearance and that's Tyson's ex-wife, Robin Givens.

According to a report by media source, The NY Daily News, a source with close ties to the TV show "The View", is saying that Givens is furious over the fact that Tyson will be on the TV program. According to the NY Daily's
report, Givens has approached the people at the TV network to requested that her name not be mentioned on the same program as Tyson.

According to the NY Daily's source: "When Robin got word that Mike would be on the show, she reacted immediately. She'd rather not have Mike rehash their rather tumultuous relationship. That was a bad time for her, and she's moved on."

Funny, this is the same Robin Givens who was on the Oprah TV show sometime back talking about her relationship with Mike Tyson. She seemed to have no problem dishing the dirt on Tyson with Oprah... so what's the big deal?  I understand the relationship with Tyson was sour and abusive, but I strongly believe talking about it will help others who may be faced in the same sort of situation.

Bottom line though, Givens seems like a decent person (I like the lady very much), and if it really hurts for her to listen to Tyson talk about their relationship on TV, then perhaps Tyson and "The View" should respect that. Now if in the future I hear Givens talking about her relatioship with Tyson again...

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