Mike Tyson On Drugs when he faced off against Barbra Walters and then Wife Robin Givens
By Johnny Benz (May 7, 2010) Doghouse Boxing  
Mike Tyson was on ABC's hit TV Show "The View" on Friday where he was re-united with Barbra Walters. Tyson had not been on TV with Walters since the infoumous interview from 1988 in which a young Tyson sat stone faced in front of the cameras while his then wife dished out the ugly dirt on their relationship.

On Friday's episode of "The View", Tyson confided to Walters that he truly did want to hit Robin Givens at the time, but refrained because he did not want to lose his cool in front of cameras and a television audience.

Tyson went a little further than just admitting he was wanted to hit Givens, he also confessed that at the time of the 1988 TV interview he was in a "junkie" state (referring to being a drug user in those days.) Tyson told Walters that it was very likely that he was stoned on heavy medication the day of the interview.

At the time of the famous 1988 TV interview with Walters, Tyson, was only 22 years of age. In regards to his feelings about the interview and how it played out: "I was a young kid then -- I was just bushwhacked there," stated Tyson on "The View".

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