Floyd Mayweather Has Knocked out Manny Pacquiao - Not even Funny!
By Johnny Benz (May 11, 2010) Doghouse Boxing  
So who these days is the King of Boxing TV Pay-Per-View buys? If you were thinking Manny Pacquiao, then you are very wrong. The true king of TV PPV (pay-per-view) buys certainly has to be Floyd "Money" Mayweather who pulled in a whopping 1.4 million PPV against "Sugar" Shane Mosley.

Don't get me wrong, Pacquiao is popular, no doubt, but his latest outing against Joshua Clottey was a bomb when compared to "Money" vs. "Sugar". When it comes to how many purchased the Pacquiao vs Clottey PPV on
TV compared to the "Money" vs "Sugar" fight, the numbers aren't even close. "Money" smokes "Pacman".

"Money" Mayweather vs. "Sugar" Shane got 1.4 HBO Tv PPV buys, and grossed $78.3 million in PPV revenue. Pacquiao's fight with Clottey (back on March 13 at the Dallas Cowboys Stadium) took in only 700,000 HBO Tv PPV buys and $35.3 million in revenue (Information according to HBO).

The verdict: Floyd "Money" Mayweather beats the pulp out of Manny Pacquiao in terms of buys and revenue by a 2 to 1 margin... and that's not even funny!  That is some serious difference between the two. Folks those numbers are a massive gap and nothing short of a Knock-out victory for "Money" Mayweather when it comes to bragging rights.

My final Opinion: So if "Money" vs. "Pacman comes off, you can rest assured that these numbers only prove that "Money" Mayweather deserves a bigger slice of the pie.

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