Manny Pacquiao is Officially a Momma's Boy
By Johnny Benz (May 12, 2010) Doghouse Boxing  
It's official, Manny Pacquiao is a Momma's boy. Now before anyone gets in a tizzy over my comment, let me state that I actually think there is nothing wrong with being a Momma's Boy. I mean what kid didn't goes ape sh!t on the playground when someone dissed their mother? I know I was one of those kids.

Momma's boy is good, as long as your not a Momma's boy that needs to ask his Mom permission to date a girl.... or something whacked like that. Pacquiao, thankfully is not a whacked out Momma's Boy.

SO why am I calling Pacquiao a Momma's Boy? Simple... he has a lot of respect for his Mom and her wishes. Honestly, I think that is awesome. We should always repect those who gave us life.

Pac-Mom (Her name is Dionisia) wants Pac-Son to retire from boxing, and Pacman is seriously considering her wishes. Lucky for Pacman, and us that she is willing at least one more fight.

In regards to his mom wanting him to retire from the sport, Pacquiao said the decision to return to the ring was up to his mother. Pacquiao tells the Associated Press: "It's OK now... but just one fight."

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