Ricky Hatton wants Amir Khan but need to go through Oscar De La Hoya to get Him!
By Johnny Benz (May 19, 2010) Doghouse Boxing  
Ricky Hatton wants Amir Khan, but not the way you might expect or crave. Hatton is not interested in fighting Khan in the ring. Hatton considers himself good friends with Khan, and that is why he would not be interested in fighting him, however Hatton would love to promote Khan.

Quoted in the Manchester Evening News, a UK based Publication, Hatton addressed all the talk of him facing Khan, but stated he'd much rather promote Khan instead. "There will be a lot of talk of Amir fighting myself,"
stated Hatton, adding: "but I would much prefer to promote him."

Hatton is confident that with his help, Khan can be a huge star in the sport. "I am certain with my help he can become the big star that his talent deserves."

Here are my thoughts on Hatton promoting Khan. As much as I like Hatton, Khan has Oscar De La Hoya's promotional company, Golden Boy Promotions guiding his career. That's pretty much as big as it gets. It's a no-brainer to me... go with Oscar De La Hoya before you even consider Ricky Hatton. And really, does Khan need Hatton to become a star in the sport? Hell no! The only thing Hatton can offer Khan that might bolster his career is a fight... Khan vs. Hatton.

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