Manny Pacquiao Speaks Out - Boxing Star Discharged From Hospital - Is He Ok?
By Johnny Benz (May 25, 2010) Doghouse Boxing (Photo © German Villasenor)  
Manny Pacquiao left a private Hospital in Manila yesterday after being admitted for 2 days. According to various reports, Pacquiao was admitted to the private Hospital over stomach pains and also fatigue.

After leaving the Hospital, Pacquiao reassured fans and well wishers that he was indeed "OK". Quoted by Reuters (International news agency), Pacquiao stated in regards to his Hospital visit and ailment "I'm OK now."

Pacquiao did not say much on his medical condition but did reassure fans that there was nothing to worry about. "Nothing to worry about," stated Pacquiao.

During his Hospital visit, Pacquiao underwent tests including endoscopy. Doctors believe that Pacquiao may be suffering from a stomach ulcer.

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