Jon Thaxton speaks Sh!ts and Giggles Story on Battle with Ricky Hatton
By Johnny Benz (June 1, 2010) Doghouse Boxing  
Jon Thaxton who is happily retired from the sport of Boxing and will mark it on July 31st when a testimonial dinner will be held at Norwich's Holiday Inn Airport Hotel to to honor Thaxton's contribution to the sport. One person who will be at this event and will be speaking is Ricky Hatton, and Thaxton who faced and lost to Hatton about a full decade back, is pleased as punch to know Hatton will be there.

In a recent article by Chris Lakey for, Thaxton was quoted on the event, but also discussed in very funny detail
how his fight with Hatton went down.

"I cut him in the first round and I thought I'd won the lottery," said Thaxton in reference to his fight with Hatton. "Second round I had my victory speech all worked out - I thought the referee was going to stop the fight." For most of the 12 round battle, Thaxton went to work making a bloody mess of  Hatton's face.

Thaxton added: "Third round the mortgage was paid. But he changed tactics, he listened to his corner, he didn't panic. We just went at it hammer and tongs and I remember sitting in the corner after one of the rounds saying to myself, 'come on, keep it going'.

Thaxton even felt he won the fight when it was all over that night, but admits that Hatton did beat him by about 3 or 4 points. "Even after the final bell went I went over to the referee to raise my hand - but he bloody didn't," stated Thaxton, adding: "That was because the best man won. He beat me by three or four points, but I gave my all that night."

The above was the giggles, but here now is the Sh!ts! If there was anything not so funny about Thaxton's story, it was what happened the next day when Thaxton awoke the morning after and was on the toilet passing blood for 2 or 3 hours.

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