Steve Cunningham Interview: "Tyson Fury Should have been Disqualified!"
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Steve Cunningham Interview: "Tyson Fury Should have been Disqualified!"
By "Big Dog" Benny Henderson Jr., Doghouse Boxing (May 1, 2013)

Steve 'USS' Cunningham
Steve 'USS' Cunningham

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It has been nearly two weeks since Tyson Fury 21-0 (15) kept his unbeaten record intact with seventh round knock out over the former cruiserweight champion, Steve Cunningham 25-6 (12). And with the passing of the time, Cunningham has looked back and pondered on the foul filled fight with Fury, and came to this conclusion, Tyson Fury should have been disqualified. This past Tuesday on Big Dog Radio, Steve spoke out on his last bout, his future and more, here is a bit of what the former champ had to say. Enjoy!

Benny Henderson Jr.: Give the fans your thoughts on the Fury fight, now that you have had time to let it all soak in.

Steve Cunningham:
When we took the fight, we were told that nobody else wanted to fight Tyson Fury, simply just because of his size. This was the only name that was given to us, and it was a good comeback fight. Taking this fight was a challenge for me, it was a way for me to prove that I am a heavyweight, it was a lot of things for me. We took the fight, we trained extra hard, we endured Tyson Fury’s mouth. (Steve Laughs) I believed that I could beat him, I believe that I can beat him, and I believe that I showed that. I put him down with a picture perfect overhand right, and we trained to do that. Nazim (Richardson) said everyday that we were going tp put him on his pockets, so when it happened, a guy like Tyson Fury who called me a light heavyweight said that if I gave him a fight, if I gave him a run for his money, he would retire.

After the knock down Fury panicked, so after that Tyson was going to do whatever he had to do, whether it be legal or illegal, he did that to get the seventh round knockout. My thoughts on the knockout is this, it is two hand pushes, a forearm that blinded me and jerked my neck back. My neck is still injured from that. I did not even see the right hand coming, I just did not see it. I saw the tape, and I was wondering why did the ref count to ten, he should have disqualified him. That is my thoughts.

BH: I spoke with different people in and around the fight world, and many felt that he could or should have been disqualified in the opening round after pushing you after the bell.

Our argument is not fully with Tyson Fury, you have two men in the ring, they are going to fight, and some men are going to do whatever you let them do. People are going to do what they have to do to get their hands raised, I understand that. But, there has never been in my career, including amateur, has there ever been a time in a fight that I have made a decision to foul a man repeatedly. And for people to back Tyson Fury when he said, oh, this is the heavyweight division. Yes, this is the heavyweight division, but, there are rules placed in boxing for a reason. I wish I would have known that we were not using rules, I would have came in with some dirty tactics, that would have been simple, that would have been easy. But I stay with in the rules.

When this man pushed me after the first round, the referee should have established, that this is my ring. He should have taken a point from Tyson Fury then. That would established that the ref was in control, and that he was enforcing the rules. That should have happened. I think Tyson Fury should have been disqualified by round five.

: You are 1-2 as a heavyweight, the two losses were tough breaks, are you beginning to think that somebody does not want you in the heavyweight division?

: It is political, it si the business side of boxing. If people look at my record on paper years from now and see the losses to Adamek and Fury, they may say this dude is declining. But, if they see tape they would say he was getting better, he was just getting bum raps. I can only help what is going on in the ring while I am fighting. That is why I have a team, and we are going to the NYSAC and see what we can do about all these infractions that were preformed against me in this fight. And the illegal pushes and forearm that led to the punch that led to the fight to be ended. Something needs to be done, for not only me, but boxing within itself.

There is a lot more to listen too, so check out the interview in its entirety by clicking on the link below.


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