Danny Batchelder: Calling out Brian Minto
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Heavyweight contender Danny Batchelder 25-6 (12) had his ups and downs in 2008. The high of being able to step into the ring against former WBO heavyweight champion "Relentless" Lamon Brewster in August, to the low of making a split second mental error and being felled in the fifth. The high of getting a bout on the undercard of Lamon Brewster vs. Bruce Seldon in November, to the low of the card being cancelled. Danny also added that being around his children and girlfriend was a definite up. This seemed to be how 2008 went for the young Arizona heavyweight

To listen to Danny Batchelder now, 2009 will be his year to shine, hopefully catapulting him into a rematch he has thought about since their first fight in 2006, Brian Minto. Danny and Brian are friends, but Danny says there is some unfinished business between the two, ring business. Danny and I discussed this recently, when he sat down with Doghouse Boxing.

Bob Carroll: Danny, 2008 did not turn out the way you would have liked. Your loss to Lamon Brewster in August and the cancellation of the Lamon Brewster vs. Bruce Seldon "Homecoming" card, that you were scheduled to fight. What happened to that card?

Danny Batchelder:
I guess the card fell apart. From what I gathered, Lamon had caught the flu. I wasn't told much, but from what I heard Lamon had fallen sick, so the whole card had fallen through.

BC: Where you offered in 2008 that you turned down for one reason or another?

Sure, you know, I was offered Lamon, of course I took that fight, didn't win, but you know I took that fight because it was a great opportunity. I'd never turn down a fight like that, I'm not afraid to fight any of those guys, so I took that fight. I was offered a couple real short notice fights that I didn't take for a few reasons. One fight I was offered was only a six rounder, why would I want to jump into a six rounder on somebody else’s promotional show. You know you do that and you have no time, no rounds to work! A couple of other fights were a day or two notice, so fights like that I turned down, plus they were not against anybody with a name or recognition. The risk would was not worth the reward in my opinion.

BC: What changes have you made to insure that 2009 will be a better year for Danny Batchelder?

Well, I'm flying out to Las Vegas in the next couple of days to start working with Jeff Mayweather. I talked to Jeff a few times recently and I am really looking forward to working with him. I know Jeff will add a huge, huge amount to my arsenal. I feel that Jeff is the right style of trainer for the heavyweight I need to be, the way I like to move and box. I feel that Jeff will do more to add to my training and make me even better at what I do. Jeff will also having me do a lot more boxing, sparring, and keeping me a lot more loose before I enter the ring. I really feel going to Las Vegas and working with Jeff, will help me out. I kinda had it rough lately, (Alexander) Dimitrenko, that didn't go my way, (James) Toney same deal and of course Lamon (Brewster). Hey, not much to say about that one, that guy got me! I am ready and I know a lot of people don't believe me, but I know I can beat these heavyweights, there is a lot of them I can beat and I'm looking forward to proving it. One of the other improvements I am making is working with promoter Colin Bates. I am really looking forward to doing great things with him.

BC: Now that you will be working with Jeff Mayweather, what advantages will Jeff's experience give you in the future?

Well, Jeff trained with some really good fighters. He trained (Sultan) Ibragimov during his title run. You know, Jeff has been the bigger fights, he has a really good eye for the ring when you are in there. He is one of those guys that can tell you things that are going on inside the ring that you may never see for yourself. So his experience will help my longevity and help me find the little points I need to sharpen up.

BC: How many fights would you like to take in 2009?

Oh, God willing and I stay healthy, I would love to get at least five or six fights.

BC: Is there one fighter in particular that you would love to meet inside the ring in 2009?

Oh yeah, I like to avenge one of these losses I've got. But a guy like James Toney, he'll never get back into the ring with me again because the risk ain't worth the reward. Ah, (Alexander) Dimitrenko is still over in Europe but he'd never give me one. I think the only guy who has the guts to give me a rematch I want would be Brian Minto. He's been doing good, he's on a hot streak lately, knocking people out. I'd love to get another crack at him, that would be a pretty good rematch, you know. He's up there in the rankings now. The fight I took with him was on a weeks notice and I really hadn't been doing anything before that fight. At that point and time in my life, I was getting ready to retire actually, but I said "eh, what's one more?" So I'd like to rematch Brian Minto and I think he's the only one that has guts enough to do it. He's kinda like one of those Pennsylvania tough guy fighters, you know, he's not scared of anybody. I think that would be a really good fight.

BC: How do you think a rematch of Brian Minto and Danny Batchelder would turn out?

You know, I think it would be very entertaining. The people would get their monies worth. I realize I have to get a couple of wins first, just to show that I do belong in the ring with guys like Brian. I think a fight with Brian and I would be very entertaining. Brian and I are not afraid to mix it up, he brings a great game, is always in great shape, and comes to fight hard. I'll be bringing the same thing. I think that will be a great fight for people to watch.

BC: Danny, is there anything you want to say to the readers of Doghouse Boxing?

Yeah, listen, 2009 will be a better year for all of you to watch Danny Batchelder. Good things will be happening for me and my family, and I will always bring my best when I fight.

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