A Tale of Two Wives: The Good Guy and The Good Guy, Allegedly Turned Bad
By Bob Carroll (Feb 22, 2010) Doghouse Boxing  
Earlier this month, news has come out about two fighters and news dealing with their wives. One story spoke of a great guy who continues to prove his love and dedication to his family above all. The other story spoke of a guy who was always presented as a good guy, even though his personal life may not have been as squeaky clean as the image presented by his handlers and the media.

Very recently, I was alerted to the plight that is affecting IBF super featherweight champion Robert “The Ghost” Guerrero, 25-1-1 (17), and his family, by my good friend and Robert’s publicist, Mario Serrano. It seems the cancer that his wife Casey has been battling for 3 years and was thought to be in remission, has now reappeared and has Casey hospitalized, battling this with all her might. It seems that Casey has recently undergone a bone marrow transplant, but has still fallen ill. With this recent reoccurrence, Robert has pulled out of his March 27th show down with WBO lightweight champion Michael Katsidis, 26-2 (21), to continue to be by his wives bedside.

This cancellation is proof of not only the type of stand-up that Robert is, but also proves how dedicated he is to not only his wife, but also how dedicated a father he is to his two young children. Robert, as he has always done in the past, decided that his career and title bout could wait, and realized what the big picture actually contains, family. Robert and Casey were high school sweethearts and are truly a love story worth any other story shown on Lifetime TV. As Mario Serrano brought up to me, Robert and Casey have been battling her cancer since November 2007. Meanwhile, Robert has been fighting, and winning, all along. For his first defense of the IBF featherweight title against Martin Honorio, Casey was very sick, but urged Robert to continue with the fight plans. Robert went into the fight and took out Honorio in 56 seconds, then rushed back immediately after the fight to be at his wives bedside. In Mario’s words, no one can ever say Robert Guerrero has no heart.

I have spoken to Robert in the past and have had him as a guest several times on Fightin’ Words Radio Show. Each time Robert has been a guest, he has mentioned his family as his biggest accomplishment in his life. During his last appearance, Robert was actually sitting in the waiting room with Casey to see the doctor. They were both very positive about the future and Casey’s health. I am not alone in sending out prayers for Robert, Casey, the kids and their entire family during this extremely tough time. Please remember them in your thoughts. (I spoke to Mario Serrano very recently and he said things are progressing, but Casey is still in a crucial time for her recovery and that the prayers being sent out to the family are certainly working. Let’s keep the power of prayer heading out to the Guerrero family). Let’s all hope for a full recovery and a long life for Casey.

On the completely opposite end of a marriage and the “good guy” scale, it been reported that former heavyweight champion Evander Holyfield’s wife Candi has received a temporary restraining order against the former champ. The restraining order bans Holyfield, 42-10-2 (27), from coming within 500 yards of his wife and their two children.

The order was apparently in response to an alleged beating administered to his wife after a late night argument. The source of the argument is in question with Holyfield’s camp stating it was over his disappointment in his wife not donating enough money to the church. Another unnamed source is reporting that the squabble was over money and the fact that the heat in the house was shut off due to non-payment. Neither story has been confirmed, as Holyfield has not given a statement himself, or through his publicist.

Once the most popular heavyweight in the division, Holyfield worked his way through the nineties and even into the 2000’s with ease. He is the only person to win the major heavyweight title four times, had video games named after him and was part of not one, but two of the strangest incidents in boxing. During his career Holyfield defeated solid heavyweights like Michael Moorer, George Foreman, Larry Holmes, and Riddick Bowe. During his 1993 rematch with Riddick Bowe, a publicity seeking individual (man, I have edited that last word at least twenty times to not get into trouble) “parachuted” towards the ring during the seventh round. He almost made it into the ring, but was caught up on the ropes, pulled down into the crowd and beaten by the entourage of Riddick Bowe and security. In the ensuing “brawl” at ringside, Riddick Bowe’s pregnant wife was rushed to the hospital as a precaution and the individual was taken to the hospital for cuts and bruises he sustained. The incident was dubbed “The Fan Man” incident (due to the large fan he used as part of the parachute) and is consistently voted #1 in the most outrageous moments in sports.

One of Holyfield’s greatest accomplishments came in November 1996 when, as a strong underdog, he stopped Mike Tyson in the 11th round of the WBA heavyweight championship bout. This win reinvigorated Holyfield’s career and led to a rematch with Tyson and what is generally ruled as the #2 most outrageous moment in sports history. Mike Tyson was very aggravated by the loss to Holyfield, but in all outwards appearances, Mike had matured and even began to be seen as a good guy by most. His pre-fight news conferences, he touted how good of a guy Holyfield was and how he was working on turning around his tarnished image with help from doctors and medication. He stated that he learned to control the anger that had followed him inside and outside the ring. In all appearances, the fight looked like it would be very competitive and in control. All of these appearances were dead wrong. Holyfield seemed to come out and control the action and during the third round, Tyson bit Holyfield in the ear. Initially referee Mills Lane stated that Tyson would be disqualified, but then the ringside physician said that Holyfield could go on with the fight. Shortly after getting back underway, Tyson again took a bite, tearing the top of Holyfield’s ear off. This time Tyson was disqualified and forever vilified. These two events will stick out just as much as the four major titles that Holyfield won during his career.

Over his career, Holyfield made 200+ millions of dollars, but recent the money flow seems to have dried up and problems started to seep into Holyfield’s life. He has 11 children from different women, so the support checks have come in heavily. This is his third wife, so alimony must not be cheap with the other two. About a year ago his house was rescued from foreclosure not once, but twice. In his last fight, a close loss to Nicolay Valuev (which I and other boxing scribes I have talked with thought he had won) was over a year ago and his most recently scheduled fight with former world title contender Franz Botha, 47-4-3 (28), pushed back to April. In the meantime Botha will be fighting the talented, but underachieving Joey Abell, 25-4 (24), on February 27th. Money problems for Holyfield would seem to be a farfetched idea, but life has apparently come calling for him, and it seemed to come with a heavy bill. It is yet to be decided whether Holyfield will be charged in the battery on his wife, but one thing for sure, his image continues to take a bigger beating than he ever gave anyone in the ring.

In closing, one fighter (Guerrero) continues to prove how good a person/husband and father he is in the face of constant adversity. The other fighter, his good guy image continues to be tarnished, probably down to the point that it will not rebound should the allegations be found true.

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