Shaun George Interview: "I Am Here To Make A Statement and Chris Henry Is In My Way, So I Will Crush Him!"
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Last February, Doghouse Boxing spoke to light heavyweight contender Shaun George (18-2-2, 9 KO's) shortly before he fought Jaffa Ballogou (46-8, 40 KO's). Shaun talked about the frustrations he has faced in the lack of fight offers he received since stopping former heavyweight world champion Chris Byrd. George has never been a fighter to take the easy road, and refuses to go down in opposition. George still professes anger towards the politics of boxing, saying the games that fighters and promoters play, have shut him out of big fights thus far. On July 10th, George takes on another tough
fighter in Chris Henry (23-2, 18 KO's) at the Arena (formerly the New Alhambra) in Philadelphia, Pa. This fight will be the co-main event on ESPN's Friday Night Fights.

Recently Shaun sat down with Doghouse Boxing to discuss this upcoming battle and his future.

BC: Shaun, the last time you spoke with Doghouse Boxing, you predicted that you were going to take out all your frustrations on your then future opponent, Jaffa Ballogou. You backed up that statement by stopping Ballogou in 1:26 of round one. Have the frustrations we spoke about been released in that TKO or do you still have some left for your next opponent, Chris Henry?

No, I have a lot left. I love the sport of boxing, the purity of boxing, but the politics of boxing are very frustrating. I still feel that I have a lot of frustrations to take out. With the Ballogou fight, I didn't expect it to end so quickly, I expected to punish him, which I also intend to do to Chris Henry on Friday night.

BC: Was the Ballogou fight as easy as it looked for you?

Well, I trained hard for that fight, I was in great shape. I wasn't in the best shape I ever was, but I was in great shape for this fight and I know how to fight. I know that every time I am in that ring, it feels like nothing for me. Now I know what I am up against. Chris Henry is a world contender, he is physically strong, he takes a great punch, he's super aggressive, but he is a dirty fighter. He is the type of fighter that you can't sleep on or underestimate. At the same time you can't over estimate him either.

BC: You have gone 5 months since your last fight. During this time, were you approached by any other fighters in the meantime?

No, that's been the biggest problem in boxing for me, getting the big fights that I want. What I am doing right now is letting my team take care of my business. My promoter is Lou Dibella and my advisor Donna Brooks, I let them take care of the politics and I just take it one fight at a time. The politics are the frustrating part of boxing that I can't fight. I have to do what I have to do. Right now, it's Chris Henry. Right now, everything will be taken out on him.

BC: Like you said, on July 10th, you take on a tough Chris Henry. How did you two get matched up?

I have been calling him out for years when he was undefeated and starting out as a light heavyweight. Recently his manager called my promoter and we got together. Like I said, it's not hard to make a fight with me. My contract comes down to any world contender or champion, It is not hard to put forth a contract with me. It does not matter who you are, a banger, puncher, boxer, it doesn't matter. If you are in the top ten, my contract is already signed.

BC: Henry lost a close decision to Yusaf Mack in February. Were you able to watch that fight?

Yes, it was a very close fight. It could have gone either way and I believe it was a split decision. Like I've said, Chris Henry can take a punch, but Yusaf Mack put his foot on the gas in the later rounds. Like I said, I am a student of the game, I watched Chris Henry, and I am ready for him.

BC: So you can say that this fight give you an idea of what Henry would bring to the ring?

Well, everyone fights me differently (laughs). But I will be aware of certain things that he does, and how he carries himself. That way I am not surprised by Henry. Like I said, I am here to do damage, I am here to make another statement. I am here to make a statement and right now Chris Henry is in my way, so I will crush him! I am ready to bang it from start to finish. It doesn't matter if it is one round or ten rounds, I am here to destroy him!

BC: So bottom line, what can the boxing public expect to see from you on July 10th?

A very exciting fight! This will be a fan friendly fight from start to finish. Our styles make for a great fight. Regardless of whether you are a fan of mine or not, check this fight out! If you are a boxing fan, this is a fight that you want to watch. It is going to be exciting, it's going to be a great fight to watch. It will not be easy for me, but I am prepared for war from round one to round ten!

BC: Who do you want for an opponent after this fight?

I want the champion, I want Chad Dawson! I do not want to mix my words. I want the winner of the Chad Dawson-Glen Johnson fight! Hell, give me Jean Pascal, give me Zsolt Erdei, I'll keep on going with names, give me Tarvoris Cloud, it does not matter who the person is, as long as you are a top ten contender. I will fight anyone!

BC: I recently did an interview with Glen Johnson, and told him that you wanted him in the ring. His reaction was that he had no idea who you were, but your name sounded familiar. He basically said that if the money was right, he would be in the ring...

(cutting in to the question): That is the type of fighter, and I’m sorry to cut you off Bob, but that is the type of fighter he is, you know? Glen Johnson is a bullshit artist! He is a front runner, he knows exactly who I am, he is the same guy who turned me down a few years ago when he was off and on, when Anthony Hanshaw pulled out of his fight with Johnson. They offered Johnson a fight with me and he said "Nah, I am not going to fight him!" He is a bullshit artist, I am sorry for cursing Bob, okay?

BC: (writer laughs) No problem.

Glen Johnson talks and tries to act like I am not important! He knows what will happen if I get into the ring with him! He knows as a fighter and as a light heavyweight, who I am and he is afraid of me! To top it off, Johnson likes to talk about how these fighters are ducking him, but he is doing the same exact thing to me! Who are these guys he is fighting, but he does not know me? I can tell you right now, he is not what he says he is, he fooling every one else!

BC: Shaun, who would you rank as the top fighter right now in the light heavyweight division, and how would a Shaun George fight with this person turn out?

I would have to say Chad Dawson right now. He's crafty, a natural southpaw, a decent puncher and I do not want anyone else after this fight but Dawson. I want to show the world what I am capable of doing against an elite fighter like Dawson! What would I do to him? I would damage him, ruin his career, and that is probably why this fight would never happen! His team is too afraid to put him in the ring with me, they want the easiest fight possible! Look at what they had to do to get Glen Johnson in the ring, they didn't want to take a tough fight!

BC: Shaun, what would you like to say to the readers of Doghouse Boxing?

Um, thanks for your support. I love you guys. I appreciate Doghouse Boxing for doing this interview with me. Stay tuned for July 10th, ESPN's Friday Night Fights. This will be a great fight to watch, I guarantee it! It will be a great fight and a fun fight to watch! I wish boxing always matched these type of fighters!

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