Peter Quillin: “Miranda came to win, but my desire to win was more!”
Interview by Benny Henderson Jr. Doghouse Boxing (June 13, 2008) All Photos © Bob Kolb, Doghouse Boxing  
This past Wednesday night on ESPN2 undefeated super middleweight prospect Peter Quillin 19-0 (14) fought the toughest fight thus far of his young career, earning himself a hard fought ten round unanimous decision over the heavy handed Dionisio Miranda 19-2 (18).

Quillin, who came into the bout as the hometown favorite, used his superb jab and left hooks along with his tactical style to ward off Miranda in the early rounds. But
Miranda was able to land some solid shots which momentarily stunned Quillin.

Quillin went back to work landing his signature left hook, but the seventh round took a turn for the worst as Quillin found himself nearly down and out from a savage Miranda uppercut. Quillin held on to his wits and stunned Miranda with a left hook.

Quillin finished up the fight strong, winning the bout on all scorecards giving the twenty-four year his toughest victory to date.

In this exclusive interview conducted by Doghouse Boxing, Quillin recall the night’s events and gives the readers his thoughts on the win, enjoy.

Benny Henderson Jr.: You just earned yourself a hard fought unanimous decision victory over Dionisio Miranda, give the readers your thoughts on that match-up.

Peter Quillin:
I gave myself a C+ for the performance, sometimes you have to take punches to go into your next outing where you can get an A.

BH: We can chalk this up as a learning experience, in the fourth round you got caught, where you honestly hurt?

I definitely did get caught. Let me tell you something, some things happened to me in that fight that have never happened to me before. I got hit in the ear and went deaf for a little while. I could not hear anything bro, I was like man it started playing tricks in my head. Man I started thinking I could probably go blind if he hit me in my eye, but I moved on and in the seventh round got caught and got hurt, he hit me with a really good punch. But I did not want to give up, my desire to win was more.

BH: What are your thoughts on Miranda as a fighter?

I sized the guy up and I may have made it a bit rougher than I should have, but let me tell you something, Miranda, he wanted to win, he wanted to win. He was not scared about how hard I hit, I am not saying that I was sacred about how hard he could hit, I think he gave me no respect and I gave him a little bit too much.

BH: This was the first time you were in this position in a fight, what was running through your mind when you got stunned?

I was thinking about taking a knee if it got to hectic, but luckily my recovery came back.

BH: What did you learn about yourself in this fight?

I learned that I could take a punch. (Laughs) He caught me a few times, I learned that I am not going to go out that easy, I am fighter man, and it is good that I had a war under my belt.

BH: Anything you want to add to or say in closing?

I want to thank you Benny Henderson Jr. for giving me a call right after the fight and letting everybody know my thoughts, and how I feel. I want to thank my fans who watched the fight and the ones who actually came to the fight. And most importantly I want to thank God, he anointed me with a blessing, He put me through a trial to see how I come out. At the end of the day, things happen in life as in a fight, it is not about what happens, it is about how you handle it, and I think I handled it well. I learned a lot.

I would like to thank Peter Quillin for his time and thoughts.

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