Manny Pacquiao vs Juan Manuel Marquez - Boxing Replay Round by Round

Manny Pacquiao vs Juan Manuel Marquez - Boxing Replay Round by Round
By napoleon336, Doghouse Boxing (Dec 9, 2012) Photo © German Villasenor, Doghouse Boxing

Juan Manuel Marquez lands punch on Manny Pacquiao
Manny Pacquiao (54-4-1-38 KO's) vs. Juan Manuel Marquez (54-6-1-39 KO's.

Note, this fight is for the W.B.O. "Fighter of the Decade" Title...Sad I know


Pac fires a straight left right away.  Misses though.  Pro Marquez crowd here.  Nice left by Pac and Marquez fires a right.  Both land.  Marquez goes to the body.  Marquez misses to the head.  Pac using nice head movement.  They trade jabs now.  Nice left by Pac over the top.  Marquez lands a little right.  Marquez misses the next right.  Nice jab by Marquez.  One/two by Marquez falls short.  Nice body shot by Marquez.  Pac lands a left.  Nice one/two by Pac.  Marquez jabs well.  Pac misses an uppercut.  Nice left by Pacquiao.  Marquez goes to the body.  Pac lands a left.

Pacquiao round 10-9


Marquez jabs.  Both guys falling short with shots so far.  Again and again.  Marquez reaches with the jab now.  Nice jab by Pacquiao. Nice left by Pacquiao.  Marquez digs well to the body.  Another nice left by Pacquiao.  Great left by Pac lands.  Another one now !!! finding his range.  Marquez not throwing now.  Nice body shot by Marquez.  Pac reaching with his jab now.  Nice body shot by Marquez.  Nice one/two by Marquez.  Nice right by Marquez.  Then goes to the body.

Pacquiao round 10-9


Marquez digs to the body now.  Left lands for Pac.  Then goes to the body.  Nice jab by Marquez.  Nice one/two by Pacquiao.  And another one/two by Pac.  Marquez goes back to the body.  Marquez to the body again.  HUGE RIGHT HAND DROPS PACQUIAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  He beats the count! Another right by Marquez.  Low blow by Marquez.  Pac on his toes.  Uppercut by Marquez.  Pac on the defensive now.  Left by Pac lands.  Pac seems OK now.  Big winging hook lands for Pac.  They exchange now!!!!!  

Marquez round 10-8


Pac jabbing now.  Pac moving his head now.  Marquez jabs to the body.  Pac misses upstairs.  Nice left hook by Pacquiao.  Nice right by Marquez.  Pac misses the counter.  Pac lands a left hand.  Marquez digs to the body now.  Marquez misses with the one/two.  Pac misses a hook badly.  Nice right by Marquez but Pac blocks it.  Great counter jab by Marquez.  Nice left by Pacquaio.  Another nice left by Pac.  Nice combo now by Pac.  Nice punches being put together.  Pac leading with the straight left now.  Nice Marquez jab.  Nice rights by Pac.  Marquez lands a nice right.  Now they exchange!!!

Marquez round 10-9

Neither guy aggressive here.  They trade straight shots.  Both guys measuring now.  MARQUEZ DROPPED BY A LEFT!!!  Forced Marquez to drop a glove to the canvas!  Pac attacks now and Marquez belts him with a huge right hand!!!  Great round already.  One/two by Marquez.  They trade straights.  Pac goes to the body.  Huge left by Pacquiao!!! WOBBLES MARQUEZ!!!  PAC ATTACKING!!!  THEY TRADE BOMBS NOW!!!!!  Marquez wobbling but fighting back.  Huge left by Pacquiao.  Bombing Marquez and Marquez is firing back every step of the way!!!!!!!!!

Pacquiao round 10-8

Marquez on his toes now.  Lands a nice uppercut.  Nice hook by Pacquiao.  Nice jab by Marquez.  Pac with a one/two.  Big left by Pac.  And another.  Marquez fires back.  Marquez takes another shot.  Nice left by Pacquiao.  Nice right by Marquez.  Too far away though this time.  Nice flurry by Pac but Marquez avoids any damage.  Marquez not letting his hands go now.  Pac moving his head well now.  Marquez goes to the body now. HUGE RIGHT PUTS PACQUIAO'S LIGHTS OUT!!  IT'S OVER!!



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