Shannon Briggs And The Heavyweight Factory Ready To Produce More Fireworks April 13th
By Brad Marchetti, Doghouse Boxing (March 2, 2010)  
Florida has always had a reputation for having elite athletes and the Heavyweight Factory Gym out of South Florida is ready to take advantage. The Heavyweight Factory is actively trying to produce the next heavyweight champion by scouting athletes from other sports locally and abroad.

The gym located in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida is trying to find the next young killer with either a basketball, football or baseball glove attached to lace up the Everlast and see if they have what is takes to excel at the sweet science.

On February 28th, The Heavyweight Factory put on their first all-heavyweight pro fight card at the Hard Rock Casino. The show was electrifying, with most of the fighters winning via light-switch knockouts. This April 13th will be a second installment of an all-heavyweight show from the Heavyweight Factory, with former heavyweight champion Shannon Briggs as the main event. Briggs will be heading a fight card that is stacked from top to bottom with bubbling talent out of the heavyweight division.

The team from the Heavyweight Factory is a loaded with a cast of characters that have the right ingredients to make their unique venture into the hurt business a successful one. It starts with founder Kris Lawrence, who is an enthusiastic and open-minded boxing man that's made it clear that he's is willing to give a fair shake to any heavyweight that can produce results. “We don’t care if a guy is white, black, red, yellow or blue, as long as he can scrap,” said Director Of Boxing for the Heavyweight Factory Henry Rivalta, “We are going to match our guys evenly and the crème of the crop will be the ones that rise to the top. This is not about producing the next great white hope, this is about finding the next heavyweight bad-ass.” Lawrence seems to have surrounded himself with some fine boxing minds, with the likes of Rivalta who dropped most of his own promotional interests to join Lawrence’s team. “Mr. Lawrence has an excellent vision and I have been thrilled to be a part of his team. I closed down my own boxing gym and let go of several of my best fighters to take this job and I have no regrets. Mr. Lawrence is an excellent man to work for.” The first show from The Heavyweight Factory also displayed the element of showmanship that has been brought to the table by Director Of Entertainment Bernie Dillion. He has brought in the likes of world-famous D.J Laz and a more than aesthetically pleasing staff to work the V.I.P tables for customers. The first show had just as many knockouts outside of the ring as there was in the squared circle, and D.J Laz and his bass-heavy turntable beats will be a permanent installment.

The April 13th show will feature the comeback of 38-year old power-puncher Shannon Briggs, 48-5-1, 42 KO’s, who's coming off a 1st round KO over Marcus McGee this past December. Briggs lost his W.B.O heavyweight title in June of 2007 to Sultan Ibragimov, after being physically weakened from some asthmatic problems, but now healthy is ready to make another run at the title.

Briggs is always exciting to watch with his aggressive nature, and heat-seeking bombs that usually result in his opponents blinking through concussions.

On the undercard, former University of Miami player James Bryant, 1-0, 1 KO, will try to duplicate his impressive debut performance in his second fight against an evenly matched opponent. The 6’3” 245 Lb. Bryant is a physically imposing fighter that has some serious explosiveness and can reportedly bench-press 500+ Lbs.

Another former U.M player 6’2” 230 Lb. Quadtrine Hill, 1-0, will look to score his second straight KO after knotting up and crumpling his first opponent in his pro debut. Hill is a poised young athlete, that has a nice blend of speed and power from the southpaw side of the plate. A host of Cuban national amateurs team fighters, along with Italian contender Mike Mollo, 19-3, 12 KO’s, will also be featured. From top-to-bottom the April 13th show, is almost guaranteed to get fight fan's adrenaline pumping, so grab your popcorn, hide the woman and children and enjoy.

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