Is There A Heavyweight Boxing Champion Hidden In South Florida?
By Brad Marchetti, Doghouse Boxing (March 10, 2010)  
United States boxing has practically fallen off the map, but Heavyweight Factory founder Kris Lawrence believes that he can unveil the next heavyweight champion out of South Florida. Florida has always been known for its gazelle like athletes, and in boxing, speed kills. Lawrence’s Heavyweight Factory Gym in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida is actively looking for the next heavyweight champion in some unusual places.

Famous boxing trainer Teddy Atlas once stated that “ Ray Lewis could have been the next heavyweight champion, but instead he plays middle linebacker for the Baltimore Ravens.” Well Lewis is one of those Florida athletes that the Heavyweight Factory is craving to find. The football gridiron, basketball court or baseball diamond are places that local Florida athletes can expect to be approached by Heavyweight Factory scouts.

Lawrence had this to say about his determination and vision of uncovering the next champ. “I have always loved boxing. It’s a great idea. There is a heavyweight world champion down here, he just hasn’t been found. It’s like having a big gold mine, you just have to find that major vein. I know just about every aspect of boxing there is to know. This is something new and refreshing for boxing. I really think it’s going to work. It will take a three- to five-year plan to develop a champion. It’s not about the money. It’s about doing something for a sport that I love that could change boxing.”

A look around the new world-class 15,000 foot facility that Lawrence built indicates that he means business. The three rings being used in simultaneous chaos by muscle bound former collegiate athletes tells the tale. These are elite physical specimens that have decided to use their athletic prowess in the hurt business. On April 13th from the Hard Rock Hotel , 6’1” 250 Lb. former University of Memphis linebacker and Florida native Carlton Baker will get his chance to put Lawrence’s vision into play. Baker will be making his pro debut as the co-main event to former world champion Shannon Briggs, who is The Heavyweight Factory’s separate reclamation product.

Will the experiment work? Only time will tell, but with the gym located across from the Hard Rock Casino... I am willing to make a bet that it will.

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