Is Joshua Clottey Hungrier Than Manny Pacquiao?
By Brad Marchetti, Doghouse Boxing (March 13, 2010) Photo © Chris Farina / Top Rank  
Some guys seem to have it all. Filipino W.B.O welterweight champion Manny Pacquiao could be classified as one of those guys with his fame, fortune, big house on the hill and singing career. Pacquiao, 50-3-2, 38 KO’s, hasn’t lost a professional boxing match in five years against a mean cast of challengers that have chosen to give people brain damage for a living. Tonight, boxing’s latest poster boy will attempt to defeat another dangerous human being when he faces #5 ranked contender Joshua Clottey, 35-3, 20 KO’s.

Can the 30-year old celebrity athlete Pacquiao turn in another dazzling performance against an opponent that the bookies give only a 13% chance of winning? Below is a a reason why the Pac-Man could be due for a slip up and could cost gamblers their money.

Analysis: Manny Pacquiao is content with his life outside the ropes. Manny is an icon in his native land, the Republic of the Philippines and a very wealthy man. Pacquiao has torn through a list of who’s who of challengers in the lighter weight divisions at a pace uncommon for modern day champions. After so many wars though, could Pacquiao be a little shopworn?

The other concern is overconfidence. There is an old saying in boxing circles that being champion makes a fighter 25% better. Pacquiao has been on top for a long time however and even the best can have trouble getting “up” for certain fights. Pacquiao’s dream fight with Floyd "Money" Mayweather Jr. fell through and now he will face a much less lucrative option in Clottey.

Lennox Lewis became complacent at the top of his game against Hasim Rahman and he got flattened. Will the same happen to Pacquiao?

Josh Clottey doesn’t have it all. Compared to his poverty stricken countrymen in Ghana, Clottey has it made. But compared to the standards of elite American athletes, Clottey is the equivalent of the 12th man on an NBA roster. Clottey has made it clear that he could careless about Pacquiao’s aura of invincibility. Clottey has an iron chin and he said that he plans on roughing up the smaller Pacquiao. After disputed losses to contenders Miguel Cotto and the late Vernon Forrest, Clottey has a chip on his shoulder much like hall-of-fame middleweight Marvin Hagler did when he felt he was being given no respect.

Clottey could easily be considered the hungrier fighter in this bout over the part-time vocalist Pacquiao.

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