Roy Jones Jr, Hopkins and Trinidad out do Mayweather/Judah PPV Numbers
By Chee (April 14, 2006)
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Yesterday HBO released its Pay-Per-View numbers for Floyd Mayweather's 12-round decision over Zab Judah.

Last Saturday night's HBO Pay-Per-View brought in around 350,000 buys, bringing in $15.7 million in revenue. Not bad, but is it a winner like recent HBO high priced $49.95 events? Just how does Mayweather's bout with Judah match up with other High Profile names in recent bouts?

A quick glance at the Numbers:

Taylor-Hopkins II pulled in 410,000 PPV Buys.
The HBO $49.95 event --
Taylor won a unanimous decision over Hopkins to keep his title.
This event generated $20.9 million in PPV revenue.

Tarver-Jones III pulled in 415,000 Buys.
The HBO $49.95 event --
This fight generated the best PPV performance of the trilogy with very decent 415,000 buys.

Trinidad vs Wright In 2005 pulled in 520,000 buys:
The HBO $49.95 event --
With just over half a million buys, Felix Trinidad vs Winky Wright fight was a huge PPV success.

Floyd's match with Zab came to about 60,000 Less PPV buys when compared to the closest on the list above, Taylor-Hopkins II. That's a huge amount of Fans that didn't buy in this time at $49.95. There could be a few reasons why this fight failed when compared to the recent PPVs listed. Zab's recent loss to Carlos Bladomir really took the steam out of this one. Then add to it HBO's refusal to charge anything less than $49.95 is probably why a lot of fans refused to give in. Many fans said they would stay away from this one, and the numbers seem to indicate they did just that.

The bout will be rebroadcast on HBO this Saturday night at 9:30 pm ET/PT.

*Please Note: Mayweather vs Judah was in most places $44.95, not $49.95 as stated above.  Also PPV numbers can and often do improve in the coming weeks/months.
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