Paul Williams Quotes on Kermit Cintron and More
By Media Report on Doghouse Boxing (May 6, 2010) Photo © Jan Sanders/Goossen Tutor Promotions    
Paul Williams Quotes: “This fight with me and (Kermit) Cintron will be a real classic fight.

I respect Cintron as a man, but when we get in that ring on Saturday night I’m gonna try my best to hurt him ‘cause I know he’s gonna try and hurt me.

I’m gonna hit him with everything I got and he’s gonna have to fight me with everything he’s got because I’m gonna be on him. "

“It’s real close to the fight. I don’t want to talk to no one. I just want to do my thing and get ready for Saturday night.

It’s gonna be a war and I’m preparing myself for a war.

In my mind I’m gonna have no sympathy for him in the ring. After the fight is over, okay, I hope he’ll be all right.

I wish him all the luck but, come Saturday night when it’s time to get in that ring I’m gonna try and break his ribs, his jaw and I’m gonna try and kill him to death. That’s how I really feel.

All the time I spent in training camp away from my family and my friends, it’s in my mind I’m gonna go get him, hands down. And I’m not gonna say no more.

If you want some action, come on out to the Home Depot Center on Saturday night!”

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