Vyacheslav Glazkov Q&A: "Malik, after our fight it will be one loss on your record" - By Anson Wainwright on Doghouse Boxing

Vyacheslav Glazkov Q&A: "Malik, after our fight it will be one loss on your record"
By Anson Wainwright (Feb 23, 2013) Doghouse Boxing (Photo © Rich Graessle/Main Events)

Vyacheslav Glazkov
After capping an outstanding amateur career with a bronze medal at the 2008 Olympics Vyacheslav Glazkov elected to turn professional. Much was expected of him with many tabbing him as a possible future Heavyweight champion. However for the first few years as a pro he all but disappeared off the radar, unlike several other recent Heavyweight's who were moved quickly in their infancy Glazkov was moved relatively slowly but all the while learning his trade. He stepped things up when last September he was placed on the undercard of Vitali Klitschko’s WBC title defence against Manuel Charr meeting gatekeeper Konstantin Airich, though he wasnt able to stop his man Glazkov won a near shut out before closing out the year forcing Tor Hamer to retire at the end of the fourth round. This Saturday the 28 year old who’s currently 14-0 with ten stoppage wins takes another important step on his journey when he meets fellow unbeaten Malik Scott in co-main event live on nationally televised NBC Sports Network FIGHT NIGHT show. The telecast will begin at 10:30PM ET. from The Paramount Theatre, Huntington, New York. In what looks an interesting cross roads bout, with the winner well positioned to make an assault on the heavyweight division. 
Anson Wainwright - Firstly you take on Malik Scott 35-0(12) on Saturday what are your thoughts on that fight and what you believe Scott brings to the fight?

Vyacheslav Glazkov‏ - I think it will be a very good bout as we both are undefeated and both of us will try to make the best and to prove who is better.

AW - In you last fight you beat Tor Hamer, when he retired at the end of the fourth round, could you tell us about that fight and how you feel it was going before he retired.

VG - Yes, I was a little disappointed after he did not came back to the ring in round 5 as I had a very good preparation for this bout and I was aiming to finish this bout by KO, but Tor wouldn’t let me to do it as I think he felt my punches and understood in the next rounds he will go down. I felt in the earlier rounds after few of my punches he slowed down, his punches were not effective at all and in his eyes I noticed fear, this is why he quit to my understanding.

AW - Looking at your record half of your fourteen opponent have retired, why do you think this was?

VG - I am not sure why they are retired, but I can tell one thing, I am training hard all the time, almost every day, boxing it is all what is in my head, I do not have much pleasure in this period of my life as I have my goals and trying to reach it. I think in the near future all of my fans and boxing fans around the world will be able to see it.

AW - Who are the members of your team? Your manager, trainer & promoter? Also where do you train?

VG - Well, at this moment I got the best team possible to make it. My manager Egis Klimas, trainer from my native town Lugansk Eduard Meshnekov and of course my promoters from Russian side, it is Kirill Pchelnikov who is working together on American soil with one of the best promotional team Main Event C/O Kathy Duva. With this team good management, good promotions and my hard training should be good results. For this particular bout I am preparing in North Carolina, Arapahoe at Don Turner training camp who is also helping me in my training.

AW - What is a typical day in training like for you?

VG - What is a typical training day? It is my life, I am training even when I am resting. My mind is always about boxing, I train hard, every single training (session) I am trying to push my self to the maximum. Every morning at 6:00 AM I run no matter what, then I eat and go to rest, afternoon I train again, every day I train 2 times, except Sunday, Sunday it is my day off.

AW - Could you tell us about your early years growing up in Lugansk, Ukraine & how you became interested and took up boxing?

VG - I started training boxing when I was 10 years old, my father brought me to boxing gym and later he played a big roll in my career as it was moments where it was under question, should I continue boxing or should I get some kind of profession and go on with my life, but my father was always pushing me into boxing as well I got education, I was able to graduate Lugansk Law enforcement academy and got my University degree.

AW - You had an outstanding amateur career, winning bronze at the 2008 Olympics & silver at the World Championships, could you tell us about winning those medals? Also what other things did you achieve in the amateurs? What was your final record?

VG - Yes, I became in 2008 Olympics bronze medallist, finalist in 2007 world championship Chicago, 2004 champion of the worlds among students, 3 times champion of my country Ukraine, participated in many international tournaments. I would say big amateur career. As most remember one it would be tournament in 2007 Chicago, I had 5 very tough fights and it was my ticket to Olympics. I think every sportsmen dreams to get into Olympics and I did it, as well bringing home bronze, unfortunately I could not participate and had to stop it as I injured my elbow otherwise maybe I would have done better when bronze.

AW - In 2006 you fought David Price, he's now a well thought of Heavyweight in the pro ranks, you beat him when the referee stopped the fight what are your thoughts on Price?

VG - Yes, it is true I met in the ring with David Price (in) 2006, I won this fight as referee stopped after he counted 3 knockdowns. Now David Price as professional is moving pretty good, he is known in boxing world, he has good record. I think pretty soon all good prospects will be meeting each other and maybe the time will come when we will meet again, right now I do not want to make any plans or comments as the main thing for me right now is concentrating on the fight with Malik Scott.

AW - What do you think of the current Heavyweight division and the champions both the Klitschko's and Alexander Povetkin?

VG - Yes, it is true everyone knows Klitschko’s are the champions but Alexander is a champion kind of secondary but champion and now looks like the bout between (Wladimir) Klitschko and Povetkin will happen and after we will see the results. I do not like to comment about other fighters I have my own career.

AW - Like the Klitschko's your Ukrainian, would you like to fight one of them or because your countrymen would you rather fight other guys?

VG - I always say "I am ready to fight with anyone and would like to fight only with the best one’s" Regarding two brothers I thing the older one Vitali will have maybe one fight and retire so I wont fight him for sure, Wladimir? I do not know, maybe if my career will go as planned possibility we will meet, right now our team have completely different plans and when my time will come to fight for world title I can't tell (if) Vladimir will be champion or if he will be retired, I can't answered this question.

AW - Tell us about your life away from boxing, what do you like to do with your spare time?

VG - Out of boxing I spend my time with my family, my wife Elena, we have a daughter Alina 3.5 years old, always think about them and missing them. I do not think I have anything interested in this life as boxing and family. Boxing is my work, my profession and family is my time after work.

AW - Finally do you have a message for Scott ahead of your fight and the Heavyweight division as a whole?

VG - Yes, I do have a message for Malik Scott, "Malik you are good undefeated fighter, but after our fight it will be one loss on your record".

Thank you very much, everyone do not miss February 23rd on NBC Sport Network Live, Slavik Czar Glazkov vs. Malik Scott.

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