Edwin Valero: The Superstar in Disguise
By Mike "Mykers" Boehm (Jan 23, 2010) Doghouse Boxing  
Edwin “El Dinamita” Valero is the current undefeated WBC lightweight champion of the world. The southpaw fighter stands at 26 well deserved wins. Even more impressive, is he has won every fight by knockout! The twenty-eight year old fighter is currently slated to face Antonio DeMarco on February 6, 2010, a match that will once again test his endurance against another skilled fighter in DeMarco.

The Beginning!

The impressive record of Edwin Valero stems back to his early training days. Valero officially started boxing at the tender age of twelve. He won the Venezuelan amateur champion three years in a row, and compiled a supposed impressive 86-6 record with 57 knockouts. It wasn’t until the year of 2002 that Edwin Valero turned pro, and wreaked havoc on the sport of boxing.

In Valero’s first fight against Eduardo Hernandez, The young fighter earned his first win, and knockout in the first round. He fought four more times during the 2002 year, and earned 4 more first round knockouts. As the years progressed, Valero’s knockouts piled along, along with his impeccable record. In February 25, 2006, Edwin Valero set a new world record by knocking out Whyber Garcia; thus winning his first eighteen fights as a professional by first round knockout.

With Valero’s intimidation, and fighting tactics in the ring, most became big fans of the super featherweight slugger. Towards the end of 2006, Valero earned his shot at the WBA super featherweight world title. The match would take place at the Figali Convention Center, in Panama City, Panama; against Vincente Mosquera. Valero managed to muscle down Mosquera down twice in the first round. However, the tables slightly turned when Valero was caught, and dropped in the third. Luckily, the toughness of Edwin Valero prevailed as he earned a tenth round stoppage, and the WBA world super featherweight title.

Lightweight Division Beware!

“El Dinamita” would fight four more times defending his super featherweight title, until he relinquished the belt and bounced up to the lightweight division. Because of a top ranked opponent and former world super featherweight champion; Valero was slated to face Antonio Pitalua for the vacant WBC lightweight title. Edwin opened the flood gates on Pitalua, and consequently was warned for pushing down the head of Pitalua. Unfortunately for Antonio Pitalua, his match ended early in the second round. Valero managed to knock Pitalua down from a right hook, then again from a heavy barrage. After getting off the canvas again, Pitalua was trapped by Valero who pinned his opponent into the ropes. The referee stopped the fight to save Pitalua from further punishment.

In Valero’s most recent bout against Hector Velazquez, the night ended early in favor of Edwin Valero who earned a RTD (Retired Technical Decision) in round seven. Currently, the young, undefeated fighter is slated to face Antonio DeMarco in February of this year. Most fans and media see the fight pushing the same way as the rest of Valero’s opponents. That is, Valero forcing DeMarco to the floor and earning another knockout victory. While it’s easy to speculate, it’s hard not to with Edwin sporting an impeccable record; not to mention winning ALL by way of knockout.

For some strange reason, most individuals who follow boxing acknowledge Edwin Valero, but not with the utmost respect he deserves. The fighter deserves all the credit, and superstar status. Most fans are even throwing Manny Pacquiao’s name in the mix. Ultimately, with all the PacWeather hoop-la; the scenario seems unlikely. But for one minute if you could just imagine the possibility of these two fighters squaring off. Who would win? Well it appears this is another story in its self, however; I personally feel that no other fighter in the lightweight division can compete, nor compare to the hard hitting lightweight in Edwin Valero.

Obviously, there is plenty of arguementable evidence to support my claim. It seems the superstar; of lack of credible superstar status seems to be receding off Valero. Unfortunately, this fighter should obtain everything that’s coming in the near future. The young fighter will continue to pummel his opponents and perfect those numbers until the ultimate showdown occurs. In today’s standards I mean Manny Pacquiao. But enough with the Manny Pacquiao speculation for now. There is plenty of tough opposition in the lightweight division. Let’s roll over the potentials to see what the heck it’s going to take to shine the spot lights on this great, superstar of a fighter.

Currently, by most publications Edwin Valero is ranked under: Juan Manuel Marquez, Rolando Reyes, and Joan Guzman. However, I see no roadblocks ahead with any of these fighters. A potential matchup with Juan Manuel Marquez would be wise for Valero, but unwise for Marques; potentially throwing Marquez in retirement. However, a fighter like Joan Guzman is the spark that Valero need to suffocate his lack of support. Luckily for Joan Guzman, he received a “get out of jail free” card when he drew with Ali Funeka. Let’s not all get our hopes up though…for some strange reason I do NOT see Guzman accepting the challenge.

In conclusion, there seems plenty to support the claim that Edwin Valero does indeed deserve to become the next best thing. Nonetheless, with Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather blowing up the books; Edwin Valero seems to be on ice. The young fighter in Valero will no doubt be called to jump up to a higher division no doubt. Hopefully, for the sake of Edwin Valero’s dignity, it comes at a great time, and not force a great fighter like Valero into his first loss of his career.

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