Francesco Pianeta: Six Quick Questions for the Italian Ace
By Mike "Mykers" Boehm (Jan 29, 2010) Doghouse Boxing  
In recent years the boxing community has often felt that heavyweight division is lacking. That is, lacking credible opponents to break the will and ultimately the demise of the reigning Klitschko brothers. Many have tried, very few have succeeded. However, with the emergence of several green fighters, this notion may be put to rest, and ultimately a new champion crowned. Francesco Pianeta is an Italian born professional fighter that hails from Gelsenkirchen, Germany. The “Italian Ace” is making his mark on the sport with slick boxing, and a power-packed repituar within the heavyweight division.

Francesco’s journey was not an easy one, but the “Italian Ace” is gaining experience, and has one ultimate goal in mind…a heavyweight crown. The former Muay Thai fighter turned professional in 2005 earning a second round knockout of journeyman Sylvester Petrovic. From 2005, the six-foot-five fighter has battled his way to an impressive twenty wins, twelve coming by way of knockout; with zero losses. Recent opposition has included several notable opponents: Evgeny Orlov (UD), Matt Skelton (RTD 8), and Albert Sosnowski (Draw). The southpaw fighter in Pianeta is quickly cementing his place in the heavyweight division with sound tactical skills, heavy fists, and the ability to box twelve rounds, or an all out slug fest.

Recently, I had the honor in conducting an interview with the “Italian Ace,” as he hands his thoughts on his current status, and the heavyweight division.

Mike “Mykers” Boehm: Francesco, you have fought three times in 2009 which is quite impressive for a heavyweight. Do you feel you have evolved as a dominant fighter in the last year, and if so how?

Francesco Pianeta:
Yes I fought three times in 2009. But for me it is important to fight often because I need to collect experiences. My progress to become a dominant and world class fighter is at the beginning. I think the more I fight the more I become dominant and feel much safer.

MMB: Based on what I’ve seen, you boxing skills have developed tremendously in the past year. Has there been any evident change in your training, or a recent spark that’s enabled you to become what you are today?

Thank you for the compliment. My training is the same. But the more I train the more I learn. And I think I learned more that training is the most important basic for my career.

MMB: To date, who has been the most difficult opponent you’ve faced?

My most difficult opponent was Albert Sosnowski. I was very sad that I didn´t won this fight. Because of that I would like to fight again against him!!!

MMB: What are your thoughts on the current heavyweight division?

For me in the current heavyweight division are only two big fighters. The Klitschko brothers. They are perfect boxers and the most dominant fighters.

MMB: Do you feel that you’re ready for a shot against one of the title holders? In this case, either of the Klitschko brothers and/or David Haye?

For me it is a dream to fight against one of the title holders. But I have to think step by step. First I have to win the European championship and after that when everything is going well I think I will be ready for the world championship.

MMB: Well Francesco it’s always a pleasure; and we’ll look forward to seeing you in action soon.

Thanks Mike.

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