B.J. Flores: At a Glance
By Mike "Mykers" Boehm (Feb 10, 2010) Doghouse Boxing  
Cruiserweight by definition is: A weight division in professional boxing having an upper limit of 190 pounds (85.5 kilograms), between light heavyweight and heavyweight. To many boxing fanatics, the division that “Irish” Jerry Quarry helped inspire is much, much more than this. It’s a power packed division, with a plethora of opponents holding plenty of knockout power that fans strive to see. However, it appears there’s a secret side to the division that most individuals have over-looked.

The bottom line… B.J. Flores is a stellar fighter who possesses all the keen attributes that most professional fighters’ in the division wish they had. “El Peligroso,” has a knack for stirring the pot in the division with his slick boxing, power-packed punches, and formidable presence in the ring. It is this exact aura, which cements his place in the cruiserweight division as the next best thing.

Born into a boxing family, the future fighter began attending the gym where his father, Frank Flores would train B.J’s older brothers’. It was this passion, which led him to excel in different areas besides boxing. Prior to graduating high school, B.J. was an all state selection for football, and track and field; subsequently being offered a full football scholarship at BYU. In the early years while attending BYU, B.J. Flores became a Mormon Missionary in Mexico for two solid years. Flores lived in one of the poorest areas of Mexico, and helped by assisting in building houses, roofs, and other labor work for those less fortunate and in need. While in Culiacan, Mexico, Flores began his training at the same gym where Julio Cesar Chavez trained as a young child. After watching Flores pummel, and batter numerous opponents in sparring sessions, the locals of Culiacan began calling him "Peligroso" simply meaning "dangerous"

B.J. Flores’ amateur career was anything but lackluster. In fact, it was quite the opposite. The young fighter earned the National Golden Gloves light heavyweight championship in 1997. In two subsequent years (2001, 2002) B.J. Flores won the National Amateur Heavyweight Championship. It wasn’t until 2003, when “El Peligroso,” decided to hang up his amateur gloves for good and turn professional as a heavyweight fighter. On May 3, 2003, B.J. Flores went home early that night earning a first round knockout against Dallas Lane. Flores continued his success in the ring as a heavyweight, and scaled down to 199 pounds in May of 2006. Since then, B.J. Flores has found his boxing niche, battering opponents and earning a respectable twenty-four wins, with zero losses, fifteen coming by way of knockout.

More importantly, the past year in 2009 proved to be a great year for the top contender. Flores fought a total of three times in the calendar year of 2009. “El Peligroso,” earned a knockout win against Matt Hicks, and unanimous decision win against journeyman, Jose Luis Herrera. B.J.’s last opponent, Epifanio Mendoza suffered a fourth round TKO loss when his corner retired the fighter in Mendoza from a shoulder injury. And so it goes…

Most of the boxing community is coming to realize that “El Peligroso” is the next best thing for the cruiserweight division providing a plethora of ring knowledge and tactical fighting. Currently, Flores is ranked #4 by the WBO, #6 by the WBA, #4 by the IBO, #10 by the WBC and #8 by the IBF. In retrospect, it seems that a lot of the current champions are taking notice…and taking cover. The heavy-fisted boxer in Flores seems to be scaring the top competition out of the ring. It’s this reputation, composed with his vicious streak that makes him a fierce opponent in the cruiserweight division.

So what’s next for B.J. Flores? He has clearly stated in recent interviews, that he is ready for anyone and anything. However there seems to be one major lingering problem! That is, no one wants to fight this future champion. It seems the tables have turned on the ranking system of the WBO. Recently, Marco Huck retained his title by defending it against a lower ranked opponent in Ola Afolabi. It seems Flores’ best bet is against the WBA reigning champion, Guillermo Jones. However, Jones seems VERY quite on the matter. Following this, another possibility would remain in the IBF title fight between Steve Cunningham and Matt Godfrey, of course B.J. fighting the winner. Or even Zsolt Erdei, the current WBC title holder.

There are so many possibilities, and so few answers. As frustrating it must be for B.J. Flores, it creates a great atmosphere for the public. A cruiserweight fighter…one who is apparently being avoided by the best of the best. It won’t be too long before the public catches on to the so called cruiserweight champions. That is, a champion is never a champion unless he fights the best fighters in the division. In this case, it seems this bitter-sweet conclusion for B.J. may ultimately get him the title shots he finally deserves.

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