Arthur Abraham vs. Andre Dirrell: Patience versus Speed?
By Mike "Mykers" Boehm (Feb 24, 2010) Doghouse Boxing (Photo © Tom Casino /SHOWTIME)  
One of the key attributes to winning a professional boxing match is patience. But then again so is speed. The combination of both makes a superior being in any division from the tactical aspect. On March 27, 2010, our speculation on speed versus patience will be tested. Arthur Abraham is currently slated to face Andre Dirrell next month. Both are poised, ready, and revved within the battle of Super Six Middleweight Tournament. More importantly, who is favored to win? Ultimately, patience and speed seem to produce a lingering effect over this highly anticipated matchup between two super middleweight stars.

Most Arthur Abraham fans have become all too familiar with his superior fighting style. Abraham, is patient, and stalks his opponents waiting for the opportunity to land the heavy shots. In his most recent match with Jermain Taylor, Abraham was quite the intimidating presence, constantly following Taylor around the ring, hoping for that one punch to end the fight. As the story goes, he did. More impressive, it was a twelfth round knockout with sixteen seconds left.

While Arthur Abraham’s victory over Jermain Taylor was no doubt superb, it cost Abraham some negative speculation on how he would fair against the slick fighter in Andre Dirrell. No doubt, both fighters hold certain traits, which most would envy. With Jermain Taylor’s resignation within the Super Six, it appears Andre Dirrell has a rare opportunity to prove he’s is the next best thing. The bottom line: Jermain Taylor is no Andre Dirrell, and vice versa. However it seems Andre Dirrell has certain attributes to make or break his upcoming matchup with Arthur Abraham.

The Froch/Dirrell fight proved to be an interesting match as well. That is, the fight could have gone either way. What most viewers observed, however; was a sloppy fight, one that had plenty of intentional fouls; one after another. As the fouls continued to pile up, it was Dirrell who would suffer first. Andre was deducted a point in round ten for excessive holding. However, the quickness of Dirrell soon picked up as he hurt Froch with a huge left in the middle of the round. As each round would come to a close, it seemed it was a defensive fight; the crowd especially would “Boo” at the end of each round, due to lack of offense.

With all the fouls aside, both fighters had their moments. It seemed Dirrell was the more active fighter, landing his shots cleanly. Froch spent most of the fight stalking his opponent, hoping for an opening. But at the end of round 12, the fight went to the scorecards. Interesting enough, even though both fighters at times fought dirty, they were viewed holding hands right before the decision was announced.

As the story goes, Carl Froch wins by split decision. But this match proved as a motivational factor in the Dirrell camp. That is, Andre Dirrell is fighting another, more powerful and skilled Froch in Arthur Abraham; consequently with much more to prove. If Andre Dirrell can use his slick footwork to evade punishment, and land cleanly from the outside, he could potentially walk away with a hard fought split decision.

On the flip side, Arthur Abraham, is much more skilled than Carl Froch. Furthermore, Abraham possesses a better defense and counter punching ability. Andre Dirrell needs to be quick, Abraham, needs to be patient! While most are writing this fight off as an easy win for Abraham, Arthur needs to be disciplined as well. Both fighters have their separate traits that could make or break the fight. Abraham needs to land more frequently against Dirrell than he did Taylor. Dirrell needs more momentum and offense to break down Abraham. Like most professional fighters who face Arthur Abraham, defense, and speed is a MUST! Andre Dirrell needs to be savvy, quick, and pinpoint on his punching. Abraham by trade will wait out his opponent for the perfect time to strike.

There is no doubt so much excitement is looming over the Super Six. While at times the fights, calls, and situations seem unfair, it’s the excitement that draws us in. Both Arthur Abraham and Andre Dirrell will endure a new set of challenges, and obstacles to overcome. Hopefully, the ones that lost previous will seek redemption; while the winners will continue their success in the ring. While we all wait patiently, it’s hard not to imagine and speculate who will be the ultimate Super Middleweight champion.

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