Amir Khan should set his sights on 147!

Amir Khan should set his sights on 147!
By Robert Brown, Doghouse Boxing (March 6, 2013) Doghouse Boxing

Amir Khan
In this article I will be discussing a variety of reasons why Amir Khan should forget trying to reclaim his throne at 140lbs. and set his sights on obtaining a new one at 147lbs.

Many of you out there are going to say 'this Robert Brown guy is out of is frigging mind, Khan’s chin can’t handle punches at 140, how’s he going to handle going up in weight?'. Well my simple answer to you is this... quiet often when a fighter is weight drained, their punch resistance is servery compromised and although Khan has said on many occasions on Jenna Jay’s on the ropes boxing programme that he can make 140 easily, he has not yet tested himself at 147 to see whether his chin improves.

We will get a better guide of how Khan might look at 147 when he fights Julio Diaz at 143lbs, this will give the boxing world more of an idea if Khan has the potential to move up to welterweight.

It is clear to me when you look at Khan’s shoulders and legs that he is a 147 fighter, fighting at 140. The 140lbs. division when you include Danny Garcia, Zab Judah and Lucas Matthysse, then pound for pound without doubt it's the hardest punching division in the sport, and I believe it would be much easier for Khan to resurrect his career at 147.

You have got Timothy Bradley who is a very skilled technical boxer, however not blessed with a lot of punching power who Khan could possibly beat. Then you’ve got Devon Alexander who’s a very athletic fast fighter, fights in spots and is a sharp puncher but like Bradley, also not a hard puncher. Khan can match him in speed and has more power than Alexander. It has been shown in the past that if you put sustained pressure on Alexander he has the potential of falling apart.

Lastly you’ve got Paulie Malignaggi who Khan has already beaten at 140lbs and is no threat to Khan whatsoever and would be an easy belt for Khan to win. It has been stated to me that Paulie under no circumstances will take that fight, but if the match was held in the UK and enough pounds were offered, that fight is a possibility in my eyes.

If Kell Brook beats Alexander, (which I believe is highly possible) there is a potential for a huge UK showdown between Brook and Khan which would draw massive amounts of revenue all around the world but particularly in the UK and the United States.

In my opinion it makes no sense, both career wise and economically for Khan to stay at 140. It's time to move up.

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