Susie Q Ramadan Aims to clean up her division - By Robert Brown, Doghouse Boxing News

Susie Q Ramadan Aims to clean up her division
By Robert Brown, Doghouse Boxing (March 14, 2013) Doghouse Boxing (Photo © Susie Q Ramadan)

Susie Q Ramadan
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Susie 'Q' Ramadan.
In this article I will be highlighting an area of this sport that rarely gets covered in the boxing media which is women’s boxing. In fact female athletes in general rarely get the support, the coverage, the sponsorship and the money that they deserve and I want to do my part to try and address the balance.

Susie Q Ramadan is one of the world’s premier female boxers. She's a former IBF champ and is the current WBC bantamweight champion and her aim at this stage of her career is to take on the best fighters in the world and unify her division.

With the exception of a highly controversial split decision loss against Yazmin Rivas in Mexico, She has an unblemished record. To her credit she wishes to avenge that loss and go on to fight the other champions in the division, including Janeth Perez who now currently holds the WBA version of the title.

Despite not having a large number of KO’s on her record (24 fights, 23 wins and 8 Knockouts), Ramadan’s ability to consistently throw a high volume of punches as well as her incredible high level of endurance, may be a reason why the other marquee fighters in the division are hesitant to fight her. I know she has a strong desire to bring fights to Australia to show appreciation to her Australian fans for all their support and encouragement in her career.

However being able to get the other champions to travel to Australia for the money that is on offer, maybe a difficult process, but I am well aware that Ramadan is willing to fight anywhere and anytime. Should that opportunity present itself, Ramadan and her management team are willing to travel overseas for a big fight .

The ambitious goal of taking on all the champions in the division and claiming all the belts is difficult to say the least considering the politics involved, but if anyone has the dedication and courage to do so, it's Ramadan. Now it's up to the other champions to put their legacies on the line and come to the party and give the boxing fans what they want to see. More importantly live up to their reputations by conducting themselves as champions by not running away from challenges when they present themselves. Every champion should have the opportunity to test themselves against the best, but unfortunately Ramadan at the moment is not getting that opportunity, either because of political, financial or other reasons, or is it simply that the other champions are running scared. Sooner or later that question will hopefully resolve itself and Ramadan will get the opportunity to cement her place as one of the great Female fighters.

I would ask all boxing fans out there to support not only female fighters but female athletes in general.

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