Saul Alvarez - All Style No Substance

Saul Alvarez - All Style No Substance
By Robert Brown, Doghouse Boxing (Nov 13, 2012) Doghouse Boxing (Photo © German Villasenor)

Emanuel Steward
Saul 'Canelo' Alvarez is one of the fastest growing stars in the sport today with his crowd pleasing style, his likable personality and Mexican heritage, all combined give him the opportunity to become a phenomenon like a Manny Pacquiao or a Floyd Mayweather Jr, however there is just one problem... If Alvarez wants to become an all-time great and put himself up for hall of fame selection, he must fight world class contenders instead of fighting old legends like Shane Mosley, who with all due respect was heading for his boxing pension and in my opinion he only took the fight to add to his pension fund and was therefore half way out the door in retirement. The rest of Canelo's record is made up of high level European fighters such as Ryan Rhodes and Matthew Hatton and blown up 140 pounders like Josesito Lopez.

Yes, Lopez beat Victor Ortiz but Ortiz was ahead on the score cards and yes Ortiz had his jaw broken, but let’s face it Ortiz quit on his stool and no knowledgeable boxing fan thought that Lopez would be a serious threat against Alvarez and as it turned out Lopez put in a spirited effort but was systematically broken down. Just in case you haven’t caught the theme of my article yet, my point is that in 42 fights Alvarez has not fought a world class fighter or contender that has the attributes to seriously challenge him for his title. I realize that Alvarez was set to face a world class fighter in Paul Williams and that fight had to be cancelled because of the tragic motor bike accident which ended his career, although on paper Williams would have been a serious challenge his last, 2 fights against Lara and Ishida had proven Williams’s best days were behind him and I believe it would have been an easy victory for Alvarez.

Alvarez needs to fight a Cornelius Bundrage who holds the IBF belt and I believe Alvarez is by far a technically superior fighter and would easily dispose of Bundrage. "K9" Bundrage’s punches are way too wide, he is clumsy, constantly falling in after throwing the left and is open for straight right hands and uppercuts and also doesn’t really have the jab to stop Alvarez.

Critics might say there is no money in that fight but "K9" has a lot of fans and a crowd pleasing knockout style, this fight could be easily marketed and make some decent money and Alvarez would secure himself another portion of the 154lb belt and set up some bigger fights down the line, he could also face the winner of a Cotto vs Trout. However if it is Cotto, I don’t think they will match him up with someone of Cotto’s experience and skill level just yet, but if Trout wins and keeps his belt I can see Alvarez fighting Trout, because also Trout has good boxing skills, foot movement and speed he doesn’t have the power to really hurt Alvarez.

His Mexican counterpart Chavez was copping similar criticism, however since then he has fought Andy Lee, who was the number one 160lb contender at the time and then fought Martinez, who is considered the best 160 pounder in the sport and although being badly beaten for most of the fight Chavez nearly knocked Martinez out in the 12 round and if it was an old fashioned 15 rounder Chavez would have won the fight. So when you stack the two records up Alvarez has escaped criticism in comparison to what Chavez was receiving even though Chavez has clearly proven more up to this point.

The bottom line is unless Alvarez starts to fight some serious challenges to his crown, he will remain just like his nick name “Cinnamon” part of a desert menu and a side dish, in serious boxing fans minds never become part of the main menu otherwise he will remain all style but no substance…

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