Mayweather vs. Pacquiao - It won’t happen, So Forget about it!

Mayweather vs. Pacquiao - It won’t happen, So Forget about it!
By Robert Brown, Doghouse Boxing (Dec 3, 2012) Doghouse Boxing (Photo graphic by Chee)

Mayweather - Pacquiao
For years now boxing insiders and casual observers have been debating a variety of reasons why a fight easily worth well over $100 million has not and may not ever occur.

For starters we had the extremely high profile split between Mayweather and his then promoter, Bob Arum. Mayweather claimed he was owed money from purses of two separate fights, the Arturo Gatti and Zab Judah fights. As a result Mayweather split from Arum and formed his own promotional company. Back and forth negotiations and posturing have been going on in relation to this fight for a number of years, and perhaps for a number of reasons...

First it was the drug testing issue. Mayweather wanted strict Olympic style drug testing put in place for the bout. Pacquiao said he would only do the testing under the current commission rules. In time, a deformation case developed because the Mayweather camp "reportedly" went on record claiming that Pacquiao had to have taken some performance enhancing substances. The deformation case in question was recently settled before going to court. And there were arguments over dates and venues with Mayweather wanting the fight at a smaller casino style venue such as the MGM Grand and  Arum and Pacquiao wanting the fight at a bigger venue such as the Yankee stadium or the Cowboys stadium. Add more to the pile, Mayweather had taken a plea as a result of a personal court case and looked as though he would be heading to jail as of May this year. Arum would go on record stating that his side could be ready to fight May 5th but looks like Mayweather could be going to jail. Then when Mayweather successfully lobbied to have his jail sentence set back so he could fight May 5th, Arum shifted, saying that his side now wanted to fight later, possibly a June or July fight date.

Another hurdle is the purse issue. Where Mayweather had previously stated he would not pay any higher than 60/40 his way and since then he has recently stated he will not pay Pacquiao any more than 40 million.

To give you my honest opinion I don’t think it’s really Pacquiao standing in the way of this fight, I think it's Arum and Mayweather's ginormous egos clashing and the refusal of one to get bested by the other.

These days we have Pacquiao in semi-retirement focusing more and more on his family and his political career and depending on the result he may very well retire after his 4th battle with Juan Manuel Marquez (this coming Saturday). For Mayweather's part, he has said he will not fight past the age of 37, which only adds to the never ending hurdles of make this fight happen.

My honest opinion is this.... to the true boxing fan do we really want to see two aging legends who should have fought 5 years ago finally get it on well past their primes? I’m not sure I do and when you’ve got the future of boxing right in front of our eyes in Andre Ward and Adrien Broner (just to name a few), the fact is that these days the boxing world is not in a desperate need for a Mayweather vs. Pacquiao fight.

I’m not going to lie to you... if this fight happens would I watch it, of course I would! But am I in desperate need for it? No.

In closing, it's my belief that or all the reasons I have stated and some I haven’t, that this fight is never going to happen so JUST FORGET ABOUT IT!

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